The Countdown Begins…

On January 17th Calleva will be opening registration for our 25th season… I can’t believe we are that old! That’s why I am including some photos of the early years: Open House, Staff Meetings, and early council shenanigans.  It seems like only yesterday we were stuffing envelopes in our parents basement; relabeling incorrect information, and calling everyone we knew to get the word out about “Calleva”.  These last 25 years serving campers and creating unique adventures has really set the course for us. Camp is were our hearts are. It is this enthusiasm that we carry into our School Programs, our Farm to Table Dinners, our Kayaking Classes, and yes even our Haunted Forest. It is that Camp spirit that has been so contagious all of these years, and has filled our camps.

With all the pressures of making sure the correct information is up, there is also a great sense of excitement for new programs. Each season we ask our staff what we should bring back, what new things to try, and where they want to go. Everything is put on a google doc, and the bidding begins… What will work? What would diversify programming? What would make our Camps more awesomer?

So, we have sought new permits for new locations for our Adventure Camp, started new camps, and tweaked the ones that have made us who we are.  I am especially excited about our new location in Virginia ~ which I am going to let Duncan tell you more about shortly (yes, the Duncan that developed Duncan’s Adventures). I am also excited about our All Girls Surf Camp happening week 4 and All Girls Kayaking week 1… I absolutely love our female leadership, they are so empowering.

So together lets cross our fingers that the site doesn’t crash, the information is clear, that we are able to answer all the questions that you have. More importantly let’s hope that you find all your outdoor needs for your children.  We are going to take your children to the best environments to get them psyched about the outdoors. Come unplug with us, learn something new, and thrive!  We have the greatest leadership team that I have ever worked with. Our programs are known for not only being fun, but extremely educational.

Our staff is passionate about ensuring that they create these magical experiences that we call CAMP.

So get ready,

Summer is coming,

Adventure awaits!

***look for your stickers coming in the mail!