Not my First Choice!

I am reminded daily that “life isn’t fair”. I sure enough used this growing up with my siblings, and dang if my kids don’t use it against me! Whether it’s sporting, activities, or hand me down clothes and equipment, my children have to suffer through my ideas on saving a buck, or making my life easier.

However I am more then aware that when it comes to signing up for camp, I have no excuse. I have access to registration before it opens, and I even have the office reminding me to get my kids in camps; yet still I delay ~ still I drag my feet before getting them into their preferred camps. What is it? Maybe it is all the years, of answering the phones and telling camper’s parents that “the activity doesn’t matter, it is the experience of camp that is so rewarding” or maybe I want to force my kids into activities they might not choose first, or maybe my wife is correct and I am a horrible procrastinator… or I am conflicted with choice and prefer my choice being made for me!?! I don’t know.

What I do know is that the camp experience is magical. That so many children show up nervous and unsure, and camp opens new experiences that offer tremendous growth. What I have always thought is extremely special about our Activity Camp is that a camper can come here not knowing how to “kayak” or maybe not even have camped outside, and by the end of the week they have a new skill, they have applied it, and they have camped out in that environment. It is such an incredible way to build self confidence.

Nowadays my kids do a sport and it seems to no longer be seasonal. I want sports to be one season so they can try new things and do something else. Maybe they will never be the best at any one particular sport, but what is important to me is that they have a very wide foundation. Try everything. When your older you can decide on what part of your foundation you may want to build up ~ maybe multiple different areas. Through Calleva, my one son wants to ski and sail. Sadly this year he wrestles and hasn’t hit the slopes much, and I can guarantee that with full sailing camps… he won’t be sailing either. So when I sign him up, I am hoping he finds another activity that he will become interested in. I don’t even need him to become the next great “kayaker”. Maybe just build some water skills so that if he ever wants to pursue… he is ready.

Camp is a great time to try new things and Calleva staff are amazing about inspiring and making whatever the activity is FUN. Heck, I have even heard from my children that the bus ride was the best part of their overnight!?!? I look forward to seeing which camps I can squeeze my children in, and regardless of what it is ~I know that they will have a wonderful experience.

~ Matt Markoff  – Calleva Director