Virginia Bound!

Virginia Bound

By Duncan Olsen


Calleva. Is. Coming. To. VIRGINIA!!!! Let those words sink in for a bit. No, this isn’t a prank concocted by Calleva’s loyal Virginia staff and campers (although that would have been awesome). It’s a great new opportunity for Calleva to share our love for outdoor adventure with a whole new community.


Our new location “Calleva Virginia” (Or CalleVA for those in the know) resides on the beautiful Madeira School campus in Great Falls, VA. With this new space, comes our new summer camp for 8-14 year olds called “Potomac Adventures”. With Potomac Adventures, our goal is to mix the best adventures, with the best staff, in order to create the best summer memories.



The Best Adventures

Imagine being able to whitewater raft, rock climb, stand up paddleboard, zip-line, canoe, and orienteer all in one week! In Potomac Adventures, that’s our goal. Our new 250+ acre, riverfront property has rock climbing on site, a full ropes course, and access to some of the best whitewater on the Potomac River. With all of these amazing resources, every day of the week is sure to be packed with adventure! We’re also offering our “Director’s Overnight”,  on Thursday Nights, for campers who want to participate in an extra adventure, and camp out under the stars next to the beautiful Potomac River.

The Best Staff

Calleva has been, and will continue to be, successful in creating amazing outdoor experiences because of our dedicated and enthusiastic staff! Whether it’s their unique ability to create spaces for kids to push themselves, their dedication to getting to know EVERY kid in their group, or their detailed understanding of what it takes to run fun, engaging, and empowering programs, our staff are the best part of Calleva! Our staff train all summer long, because they love the outdoors, love working with kids, and want to be able to provide the best outdoor adventure experience for your camper.



The Best Summer Memories

When I was a kid, summer was a time of unlimited possibilities. It was a time to try something new, learn a new skill, and most importantly, a time to build lifelong memories. For those reasons, I’ve found myself coming back to Calleva every summer for the past 18 years. After my first week as a nine year old exploring the caves of West Virginia, I was instantly hooked. I was hooked because I knew that at Calleva, I was given all the tools and support I needed to create my own adventures. I had staff who taught me the skills I needed, always took care of me, and nurtured my curiosity. I was surrounded by campers who were just as interested and excited as me. And finally, I got to play in some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s awesome to look back on those memories now, and realize that my goal this summer is to make sure that every camper leaves a week of Potomac Adventures feeling like they got a chance to do something special.


So, if you’re interested in a totally new Calleva experience, or if you have friends or family in Northern Virginia, let them know to check out the newly updated Calleva website! There’s tons of great info there, and if you have any other questions feel free to contact our amazing office staff. Here’s to Calleva’s next great adventure!


~ Duncan Olsen – Director of Calleva Virginia


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