Cheat Training 2021: Year of Perpetual Stoke

Happy New Year! The greatest season of the year is upon us! On Monday January 4th 6:00pm we will have our Cheat Training registration live! In 2020 Covid forced us to make changes to the program  and some of those changes have carried over into 2021. Our goal with these changes is that we will stay Covid compliant given the regulations we had to adhere to last spring. Please read thoroughly so that you understand fully what we will be doing this year.

When it is cold and snow is blowing up your eyelids in the Cheat Canyon please follow this outline.

Guide to Perpetual stoke:
  1. Be Stoked
  2. Be Stoked because you are stoked in an endless feedback cycle.
  3. Realize that you control how much stoke you derive from any external input, so get really stoked in the future.
  4. Get stoked knowing you’ll be stoked in the future.
  5. In a situation where it is hard to be stoked, realize that even if you’re just a little bit stoked it merits being more stoked incrementally until you are at full stoke.

We will be offering Cheat regular Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, each night will have a limit of 20 participants. Cheat Lite and Cheat Elite will be Thursdays. When you sign up you will register for those specific weekdays and we ask that you stick to that day so that we can keep numbers at 15 or 20. For March, we will be staggering the start times for Saturday trainings so that we can also keep large group numbers down. We will send out a sign-up system for this at the end of January so that you can reserve your start time. This will also give us some flexibility to change locations to other great local training grounds such as the GW Canal/ Seneca Breaks, Shenandoah, and others.

The biggest change this year will be to the April Saturday and Sunday (for Cheat Lite) sessions. We will now be holding local sessions on Saturdays (and Sundays for Cheat Lite) in April as well as Cheat Trips. We don’t want anyone to not sign up due being comfortable traveling out of state. We also don’t want to force our germs on the small town of Albright in large numbers. Registration for Cheat Trips will be on the same registration system. We still believe that the best way to get ready for the race is to go to the Cheat every weekend, but we also understand that making that trip every weekend in April is hard and for some who have done this a number of years unnecessary. Training is also 2 weeks longer this year due to the way that the date for the Cheat Race is. So, we will have one more weekend at the Cheat or a different section for cheat lite.

Also, starting this year, we are going to have a separate sign up for all the trips associated with the trainings that we run. We have found that instructors and students sometimes feel pressure to take someone down a run that they worked so hard to get to even though they might not be ready because they paid for the training and the trip was included in the price. Now, once you qualify for the river that you are training for you will be able to register for that trip and if you are not ready for the trip then you still got the workouts and skills, but didn’t spend money for something you didn’t receive. Prices for the trips will be extremely pro-rated for those that are doing the trainings. This extra charge for the trip also help us cover the extra costs that go with running these trips.

For Cheat Elite this year sign up for a weeknight of regular cheat training and then email us at [email protected] to apply to get into Cheat Elite. We will let you know if you got in, there will be 15 spots in this class.

Cheat Lite is always a very popular program and there will be 15 spots open for sign ups then you will go to a wait list. This year we have decided in order to be fair we will be asking folks to not sign up for Cheat lite and Cheat Regular, if you would like extra training then you can sign up for two Cheat Regular weeknights. Also, if we believe that you have out grown lite then we will encourage you to step it up and move onto Cheat Regular. Lite is meant to be a program where new people come into learn attaining fundementals, paddling efficiently, and effectively. If the long boat is the issue then let us know we can help you out.

Credit from 2020: When you sign up for your program enter you name lower case and no spaces and the amount you have in credit will automatically come off. If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, then sign up anyways, so you don’t lose your spot, and email us afterwards with the problem.

Cocktail party 2020 style: When you receive your email of confirmation of your registration you will receive a link to a Zoom call. I am hoping that we can all get a call to celebrate those getting in. A zoom call with this many people can get a little wild, but let’s give it a shot!

Thank you all for support Calleva in the past year, it has been a hard year and we appreciate all of you!

-Everyone at Calleva’s River School