Julie Clendenin ⎯ Administrative Director

Calleva Farm, Full Time Staff, Summer Camp

Julie is addicted to Calleva. She's been working with Calleva on and off since the very beginning. (Seriously -- she can’t shake the Calleva bug!) She grew up spending her summers at her grandparents’ farm and is grateful for those long days of exploring the woods, doing farm chores, and playing with horses. She believes that unstructured time in the outdoors is essential to a healthy childhood, and loves working for an organization that delivers this experience to kids in the DMV.

Her three daughters grew up at Calleva -- starting as Explorers, progressing through camp to become staff, and now successful professionals in their fields. As a family, the Clendenins still seek out adventures all over the world and at their weekend place on the St Mary's River in Southern Maryland.

Julie's favorite part of her work is opportunities to work with people & projects throughout our organization. "I'm so lucky that I get to work with virtually every member of the Calleva team! The diversity of talent and expertise is incredible, and everyone approaches the work with generosity and creativity. "