2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
January 9, 2024 for Virginia Camps
January 11, 2024 for Maryland and High Adventure Camps
2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
Jan 9, VA Camps
Jan 11, MD & High Adventure Camps

Julie Clendenin

Julie is our Administrative Director and has been working with Calleva on and off since the very beginning (she can’t get rid of the Calleva bug). She grew up spending her summers at her grandparents’ farm and she believes strongly that unstructured time in the outdoors is essential to a healthy childhood. This upbringing, paired with both the strong friendships and a passion for Calleva’s mission is what keeps Julie coming back to Calleva.

Her favorite part of being at Calleva is how the team is full of creative and courageous individuals that are all committed to one another’s success. “It is so much fun to be a part of this work!” Julie loves to hike and canoe when she isn’t in the office. Julie’s favorite part of her role here is that she gets to interact with people and projects across the whole organization. Her favorite board game is Ticket to Ride!