Eric “Flash” Hill ⎯ Kitchen Director

Calleva Farm, Calleva MD, Full Time Staff

Flash is Calleva’s Kitchen Manager or as he likes to call himself, “the person who puts food together”. He’s held many titles and positions since joining the team at the very beginning of Calleva. He’s been hanging out with the Markoff family since 1984 so he was bound to join them immediately. Some of the notable positions that Flash has had were instructing Archery, Horseback Riding, Caving, Mountain Biking, River Ecology, Sailing, Director of Transportation, & most recently in charge of the kitchen. Flash started his adventures with Calleva as an instructor in charge of many activities. He also started a few of our programs that we still run today, namely mountain biking and our Ski Club program.

After programming, Flash got into some infrastructure leadership being in charge of transportation. He first started just with managing bus routes and drivers for 10+ years and somewhere in there transitioned into also being the bus mechanic for about 7-8 years. At some point while being the mechanic, he joined the kitchen working in concessions for Markoff’s Haunted Forest. After awhile, the kitchen became more important to Flash than buses and he became the full-time kitchen manager in 2010.

Flash’s favorite part of the day is when he has peace and quiet in the kitchen by himself or with kitchen staff. He ‘loves’ when people come to the kitchen and want something from him. He also loves the process of cooking, the planning, prepping, putting it all together, he doesn’t really care much about it once it’s out for service because he’s always onto the next thing.