Ashley McEwan ⎯ River School Director

Full Time Staff, River School, River School Instructor

Ashley is our Callevas River School Director. She joined the team in the winter of 2015. When Liquid Adventures became a part of Calleva, so Ashley did too! Her favorite Calleva activity is kayaking. Ashley loves when she gets to be present for people’s first ever surf or witness the moment that they realize they can survive in the wilderness. It’s always a special moment! She also loves being able to help people find their place within the outdoor community.

Ashley says that the best part about her position at Calleva is seeing someone develop their own special relationship with nature and the river. Outside of Calleva Ashley enjoys creating and experiencing art, traveling to new places, kayaking upstream, and walking long distances. As a former Valley Mill camper, one of Ashley’s first memories of Calleva is hearing the Calleva song coming from the buses as they drove up the driveway on the adjacent property to Chief and Mary’s. She’ll never be able to spell Calleva for someone without the sing-song chant in her head!