Winter on the Calleva Farm

It’s winter time around Calleva, which means a little peace and quiet after our Spring/Fall school programs and busy Summer Camp season. Even though we might be trying to take our long winters nap, things on the farm are still busy as ever! While we celebrate the holidays, folks are still out to care for the animals and working on projects to get ready for our 2019 season.

I am reminded of years ago when my wife and I cared for the horses around the Calleva farm. On Christmas morning before the stockings were opened, or gifts unwrapped, we headed out across the snowy fields to make sure everyone got their Christmas breakfast. Even my mother and brother joined in with the chores. The horses, cows, and other animals don’t take a day off, so neither did we. While this Christmas I got the sleep in and didn’t have to trudge out to feed and muck, there were still those folks who did including Marlon, Max, Finney and many others that keep our farm going year round.

For us it’s worth all the hard work, and just part of our goal to provide for and educate the countless students, campers, and guests that step foot on our farm. Whether it be for a Dirty Dinner, a school program on sustainable agriculture, or even a group coming out to build benches as a service project, The Calleva Farm is the place to be!


~ Dave “Brokeback” Harding – Resident Beekeeper and more


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Winter Happenings Around The Calleva Farm

Our chicken coop gets a makeover before the snow comes. A solid roof and a cinderblock foundation to keep out predators are all part of the upgrades to keep our flocks happy and healthy.


Chickens free ranging around the raspberries during the construction of our new chicken coop.


Students from the Sheridan school came out to learn out sustainability and our saw mill, and then constructed their own benches with the milled wood to take back and beautify their campus.


These warm winter days means the bees are still out buzzing around. There are currently 8 colonies out on the Calleva farm, as well as an educational hive for students to examine and learn more about these amazing pollinators.


Max and company have been busy in the kitchen trying out a few potential recipes for our 2019 Dirty Dinners. This was one of our farm raised broiler chickens with a little sage, lemon, white wine, bone broth and salt and pepper. Looks delicious!


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