What Is LIT All About?

What Is LIT All About?

We’ve designed the Leaders in Training (LIT) course specifically for teens, ages 13-16. The purpose of the LIT is to help teenagers build their self-confidence and resilience! We do this by sharing with them positive/empowerment psychology principles and tools so they can start taking charge of their beliefs and thoughts. We do this in an outdoor nature environment that is fast-paced and experiential… and exciting and fun. Teens are guided to become aware of their fears and limiting beliefs and then negotiate challenges to push through them. All of this is done in a supportive, safe, and encouraging environment. 

Calleva’s commitment to leading teens to become their best selves is why I’m here. After a long career in the Army, and years of studying the science of the mind, 

I’ve been directing Calleva’s LIT program for the past 16 years. This summer we will have a total of 20 LIT weeks!  

There’s nothing more fulfilling than creating exciting challenges, guiding teens through introspection and goal-setting exercises, and supporting them as they break through the doubts & fears that hold them back from pursuing their goals. 

Our 5-day week takes a thematic approach.

Day 1 Who are you? 

Who are you REALLY? 

Build the LIT Team, start learning about the faculties of the mind and how to use them:

  • The Identity Model  
  • Comfort Zones
  • The Law of Growth
  • Fear – what it is for and how to manage it.

Activity – Calleva Challenge Course; Night Hike 

Day 2 Becoming Aware:

The beginning point of empowerment! 

Each individual will begin to answer these questions:

  • Where are you starting from? With Parents? Teachers? Study Habits? Health? 
  • Where are you headed? With your present mindset?  
  • Where do you really want to go?
  • What will you need to believe in order to attain the goals you desire? 

Activity – Orienteering 101: learn to use a map, compass & pace count to navigate through the woods. 

Day 3 Accessing Courage:

Courage can be self-generated!!

Individually and as a group, LITers develop a means of finding the inner courage to:

  • Expand their identity beliefs about themselves and their potential. 
  • Increase confidence
  • Getting into a peak performance state! We apply the Stages of Growth Model, the Belief Model, the Law of Focus, and a model for getting into & maintaining a peak attitude/state. 

Activity – Orienteering: LITers negotiate an orienteering course in a group of 3-4 in Prince William Forest Park; Board Breaking 

Day 4 Disciplining Thoughts! LITers develop the ability to discipline their imagination by applying the Law of Focus. 

Activity – Solo Vision Quest 

Day 5 Motivation 

Sustaining the changes you desire to make!

Each of us is in charge of our life, beliefs, attitudes & habits. LIT week culminates in applying the mindset models to expand identity, maintain focus, and stay motivated to achieve our goals. 

Activity – Set NEW goals and establish the beliefs needed to attain them.

Teenagers come away from LIT understanding principles & tools for building a confident and “can-do” attitude. They are equipped to build their personal power and handle the challenges they will face every day in Middle and High School.

~ Tony Witter – Director of LIT and Corporate Programming