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Questions about Camp Registration:

  • What information do I need to have ready before I can complete the Calleva summer camp health form? You’ll need the dates of your child’s most recent tetanus shot and physical examination. If you attend a school outside of the US, you’ll have to upload a digital copy of your camper’s immunization records.  (.pdf or .jpg file)
  • Does the health form need a doctor’s signature? Our health form is a series of basic questions and is completed online so there is no need for a doctor’s signature. Some of those questions include Emergency Contact, Health Insurance Details, Physician Contact Information, Dates for Tetanus Shot and Physical Exam, Allergy and Medication Details.
  • I provided this information last year and nothing has changed. Don’t you still have it on file? We require you to provide new health forms every year.
  • My camper attends school outside of the US and you require a digital copy of the immunization records. I only have a paper copy. What can I do?  If you have a paper copy you can scan it and upload the files that way. You could always take a picture with your phone and email it to us as well!
  • My campers have their annual physical right before camp; can I complete the health form after that visit? Since the health form is required to complete your camp registration, you will need to complete it with the most recent information you have available. If anything changes prior to them attending camp (new tetanus shot date, physical date, medications, etc), send the updates to Nicole by e-mail (Nicole (at) calleva.org).
  • When/Why do I need to provide the Medication Authorization Form? Due to State Health Laws, if your camper requires any type of medication while attending a Calleva Camp, we will need to have a Medication Authorization Form on file for each medication. This will be “required” during the registration process.
  • Medications and Prescription Drugs Policy: Prescription drugs shall be self-administered by the camper after written parental permission is provided via authorization form. The medication should be clearly labeled in the original pharmacy container with the prescription name, prescribing physician’s name, name of medication, directions for taking the medication, and the camper’s name. Parents should be advised to ONLY send the amount needed in the original container.Counselor will keep hold of medication at all times then observe the camper taking the medication.Counselor observation is needed that it is indeed the correct medication for camper and the proper amount is taken. Counselor will then document in Medical Log the date, amount, and time taken.All medication including unused medicine and/or empty containers MUST be returned to camper’s parent at the end of camp session or when no longer needed.
  • Other Health Regulations you need to be aware of:  Policy requires all campers to bring their own Sunscreen and Bugspray to camp each day WITH their name clearly written on the bottles. Staff will also no longer be able to apply antiobiotic creams, lotions or other topical ointments to wounds and rashes.
  • Can I save the health form and come back to it at a later point? No, you can’t save the form and come back to it. Once you’ve started it you’ll need to finish it. To make sure you don’t run into that problem, please have handy: the last tetanus shot date, last date of physical exam, and a digital copy of your immunization records (if your child is enrolled in a school outside of the US).  For any other questions regarding Calleva’s Health Form please contact us at the office (301-216-1248) or by e-mail (Nicole (at) calleva.org).
  • What is your Refund Policy? A non-refundable $150/week deposit is required in order to register for Calleva.  This is credited to the tuition payment, which is due in full on May 1.  If you have not yet paid your tuition or completed our on- line health form by May 1, your child’s space in camp is NOT SECURE. No space in any Calleva program will be held without completed health form. The $150 deposit is non refundable. Parents are responsible to pay the entire tuition if their child withdraws after May 1st. If a participant leaves during camp by mutual agreement with the Director (health, etc.), the tuition can be pro-rated minus the $150 non-refundable deposit. Refunds (minus deposits) were available before May 1st.

Specific questions about Calleva Virginia:


  • What is the difference between Calleva Virginia and Calleva MD? Calleva VA offers a sampler style camp (Virginia Adventures) with an optional overnight. On each of the 5 days campers will participate in a full day activity. Calleva VA also offers 3 different adventure camps, where campers participate in the same activity for a full week including Camper vs. Wild which is exclusive to VA.
  • If we are from Maryland can we attend Calleva Virginia? Yes, as long as you can make it to the Virginia campus or a Virginia bus stop you can go to either camp.  We have Maryland pick-up points for our Virginia Camp (Glen Echo, & Angler’s Inn) and Virginia pick-up points for our Maryland Camps (Cooper Middle School).
  • Can I drop my kid off at Camp?  Yes, Calleva’s Virginia campus is open for car pool at 9am and 4pm for pick-up and drop-off.
  • What is the Director’s Overnight?  For our Virginia Adventures campers, when regular camp ends at 4pm Thursday afternoon, a group of kids will stick around for an extended adventure. Our director leads this overnight experience complete with camping skills, bonfires, s’mores and stories!
  • Can my camper be grouped with their friends? Yes, during the checkout process you can put a friend request. Groups are based on ages, but accommodations can be made.
  • Can we visit the Campus?  Yes! We plan to have an open house this coming May, we will be sending out more information on a date this Spring!
  • Can my camper ride on different buses or go home with a friend? If there is room on the bus then Yes. However we will need written confirmation from all parties.
  • What kind of food will be served on the overnight? Campers will need to bring two lunches with them for Thursday and Friday. On Thursday night we have a mac & cheese style dinner, and for breakfast on Friday we typically offer fruit, oatmeal, breakfast bars, and bagels.
  • Do you provide after camp care? No
  • Will our camper travel during the day to different locations? All activities are based out of the Virginia campus, Potomac River and adjacent national/state parks. Some activities will leave campus, but will always start and end their day on site.
  • What are your camp hours? 9am-4pm
  • Can I pick up my camper early or drop he/she him/her off late? Yes, but please contact the Calleva VA office, as their activity may leave campus early in the morning, and arrive back to campus late in the afternoon.
  • Do you have a Lost & Found? Yes, please call the Calleva VA office to check and see if it has been found!
  • Will Calleva Virginia interact with Calleva Maryland? Hopefully! We’ll probably see them on the river, and make sure we let them know who’s best!

General questions about Camp:

  • What is your summer camp philosophy?  The Markoff brothers grew up at camp.  Our grandmother started Valley Mill Camp (in the 1950s!) and for as long as we can remember we have been a part of the DC area’s outdoor adventure camp community. We know that individual attention is key to a successful summer camp experience.  Calleva’s summer camp staff share our passion for introducing kids to the outdoors.  We train our staff to meet each child at their level and lead them into challenges with the primary goal of building self confidence and encouraging individual initiative.  We love to help kids discover new talents, new courage and new friendships as they experience Calleva’s unique brand of outdoor fun.  Calleva’s core, year-round staff set the tone and train seasonal employees in the Calleva Way.   We are committed to running the best programs in the area for both camps and schools. Although we are a small company, chances are we have run a program for a school or friend that you know.
  • Safety at Calleva? Saftey is our #1 priority. Although the nature of our activities have the potential for risk, we strive to provide our staff with the knowledge, tools, and resources to run empowering camps. Health concerns are  overseen by our Health Care Administrator and reviewed with staff at the beginning of the week. In situations where campers have specific medical needs, staff are encouraged to take further steps and use their resources, and to ensure all medical needs are met and that each camper feels comfortable and safe throughout theircamp experience. Our philosophy is prevention, through organizing and planning strong programs. In the event of any injury, staff are trained in CPR/First Aid and will seek external medical assistance if necessary.
  • What discounts do you offer? Campers registering for 9 weeks or more receive a 15% discount*. Campers registering for 4 or more weeks receive a 5% discount*. Two or more members of the same family enrolled at the same time receive a $25 discount off each additional camper*. * The discounts are only applied during a single transaction. If camper weeks are added to the original transaction, no discounts will be applied.  You can find information about our scholarship program on the Summer Camp page.
  • How do I know if there is room? Our Schedule shows availability in real time, but will only be marked “full” or “open”. If you need to know how many spots are available for friends, you will have to contact the office.
  • How does your Waitlist work? If your desired camp activity and week is “full”, you can call the office and add your name to the waitlist. We contact “parents” on the waitlist in the order in which they join. We give each “parent” 24 hours to accept the availability. The office manages this waitlist until April 30th. On May 1st, all openings that appear on the schedule, are available to anyone on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • What is “council”?  Our morning bus routes bring every camper to the Madeira School, where we separate into groups, sing, play games, have contests, awards, and — most of all — have fun!  Every afternoon, groups return to council before the bus routes take off for the return trip home.
  • What are your activity/group sizes?  Staff to camper ratio? Camper ages? Each group has about 8-14 campers, a Head Instructor, Head Counselor, Junior Counselor or Assistant Instructor, and a CIT. Campers are ages 8-13 and groups are Co-Ed.
  • What are your sessions?  At Calleva, campers register for one week at a time!  Calleva families can register for 1 week or as many as 10 weeks of camp . . . whatever suits your schedule.
  • Do you provide transportation? Yes, Calleva provides transportation from multiple neighborhoods in Northern Virginia and Maryland.
  • Do you provide Lunches? No, Calleva only provides food for the Director’s Overnight on Thursday. We encourage parents to pack snacks to keep their hungry camper satisfied and full of energy throughout the week.
  • Do you allow animals/pets at your Camp?  No.
  • Additional ACA Standards: Standards that require being addressed. We support and are an accredited ACA Camp.


Questions about Calleva:

  • Calleva is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, offering summer camp, school field trips, and programs for other youth and adult groups. We’re known for our unique, mobile summer camp programs.  Our campers visit the best, most beautiful wilderness areas in our region.  In addition, we use two Calleva locations for some of our activities:
  • Calleva’s unique blend of fun and learning makes every Calleva program unique and excellent!  Calleva provides highest quality instruction, customized & goal-oriented itineraries, and high-energy facilitators.

What else do you offer?  We hear all the time, “My child participated in a Calleva camp, what else do you offer?”

  • Outings for groups, businesses, and schools.
  • Farm to table dinners called “Dirty Dinners”
  • Local kayaking instruction, race training, and trips to rivers in our area, Canada and Mexico
  • Our annual benefit performance, Markoff’s Haunted Forest.


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