Camper vs. Wild
VA High Adventure
CoEd Ages 12-17

4:1 Staff Ratio
Week 4
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VA High Adventure

Virginia’s High Adventure is an extension of our wildly popular Adventure Camp, “Camper vs. Wild”!  For our campers that don’t want the camp day to end, they can now stay after-hours and have access to the amazing facilities at our Madeira Campus. Zip-lines after dark, bonfires at the pond, and sleeping in their own, hand-built, shelter are all possibilities during this amazing week. There are also opportunities for evening capture the flag, and lots of other fun, active, outdoors skills based programming.

Transportation: This is the only Virginia Campus based High Adventure. If you are dropping off your child, they need to be dropped off at Madeira at 9am on Monday and picked up at 4pm on Friday. Parents can also utilize the VA bus stops for transportation to and from this High Adventure. This is unique to only this Virginia High Adventure; for all other High Adventures please visit the Maryland campus information.

Calleva models and teaches Leave No Trace (LNT) camping ethics and practices, including minimalist/ lightweight packing techniques, waste minimization and water purification methods, wildlife identification and preservation, and wilderness survival.

Monday’s priority and main focus is making our SHELTERS! Before our first night we must establish our camp by learning how to pick, build, and design a home and headquarters for our week of adventure. We’ll cool off frequently with river swims, and make sure we build out our camp to keep us comfortable for the week!

Tuesday’s priority is simple… controlling FIRE! We’ll learn the many ways to build, maintain, and create fire to cook food and purify water. Campers will learn a variety of new and neat ways to start a fire that there isn’t enough time to teach during a normal Camper vs. Wild week. The night concludes with our floating Black Pond bonfire. We can’t build fires all day long, so campers will also be spending the day learning ropes and setting up rappels around and over the Potomac river.

Wednesday is focused on NAVIGATION! Campers will learn the basics of map and compass navigation on campus, then take their skills off campus to find a local cave. They’ll have to use their skills to find the entrance, and also to find their way out once they’re in! Evening activities include using the stars to learn how to navigate as well. Why not use the amazing resource that’s always right above us!

Thursday’s skill set is focused on FOOD & WATER! Campers will learn different active and passive fishing techniques, with the goal of catching their own dinner. They’ll also learn different water purification and collection techniques. They’ll spend the day fishing on the river, creek, and local ponds, then learn how to cook a delicious meal in their primitive camp.

Friday is our big DIRTBAG Challenge. Campers will have proven all week that getting dirty doesn’t bother them!  Who will be the dirtiest?! The Dirtbag challenge will use all of the skills campers have learned throughout the week, and is an amazing, high energy, competition that will be a true test of campers’ outdoor survival skills.

Bus Route: For VA High Adventures, students can ride the bus to the program on Monday morning and return home on the bus on Friday afternoon. 

Travel: Calleva provides all logistical needs once the trip has started, however parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up students before and after the trip.

About LHA ~ “Local High Adventures”….

Call this our throw back to the early days of Calleva! Two very big things that we used to do. First, back in the day all of Calleva would take a mid-summer hiatus from our “day camps” and the entire camp would go out for a week long adventure. We would push staff and campers alike to “really” experience their activity and the benefits of more group-time, more play-time, more learning experiences.  Secondly, all of our Thursday overnights were a touch further then we go now. As our Adventure Camps grew we scaled back the distance we allowed our Instructors to travel, and turned away from some pretty incredible locations. Well, these locations are BACK! Those amazing locations are again available to our campers and staff.

We are shutting down our regular Adventure Camps and giving you the opportunity to step into the wild, and experience something truly unforgettable. Experiences that will last a lifetime, come try our Local High Adventures.

This specific LHA is unique as it is based at our Madeira Campus… and this property is easily the coolest property in the entire Metropolitan Area. Bold statement, until you visit and then it all makes sense…. over a mile of river front on the Potomac River located at the base of the Mather Gorge; multiple cliffs with established private climbing routes; neighbors the incredible  Difficult Run and trails connecting it to Great Falls and Scott’s Run; private pond with cliff jumping! We will travel off campus, but after explaining that…. why? Adventure in our backyard!