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MD Travel Program Descriptions

Small Group Adventures

Many of our popular programs were able to be resurrected as a Small Group Adventure. We brought back our Explorers and some of our Adventure Camps. Our favorite Sampler Camp is back at both our Virginia and Riley’s Lock locations. We even are able to run our Surfing High Adventure!!! CAMP IS BACK and we are excited to see kids outside and running around. We finished up our friends and family week to “dry-run” our programming and everyone had smiles ear to ear. Training and practice have us ready to roll with some of the same great camps you have come to enjoy. C-A-L-L-E-V-A!

How will registration work? At this point all families will have to re-register their campers for these Small Group Adventures. We know this is very difficult and frustrating, but since our offerings have changed, along with many services, policies, and itineraries, we feel that parents need to be sure whether or not they would like to continue with Calleva offerings. Credits will be transferred and we are sending links first to campers giving our loyal families an opportunity to select what limited spaces are available for these Small Group Adventures.

What will Small Group Adventures look like?

  • They look very similar to our regular Explorer, Sampler, and Adventure Camps; except smaller groups with no sharing of vehicles, locations & equipment!
  • SGA groups for campers ages 6-14 
  • All travel SGA groups will have to meet at the singular stop designated for their activity.
  • No Overnights EXCEPT 5-day SURF SGA-HA
  • Any transportation stops will only have the week’s group in that vehicle
  • Marylanders only can attend Maryland Camps
  • DMV Residents can attend Virginia Campus
  • Campers will have to wear face coverings on the bus
  • Prescreening and Daily Screenings for Campers and Staff
  • NO GUARANTEE of physical distancing within the group (+2/3 designated staff)
  • New COVID policies and disclaimer
  • Great outdoor pursuits with exceptional staff and adventurous activities


Transportation: At this time we will be providing limited single-point/single-group transportation and/or drop-off only capabilities to our camps.

Cleaning: As each of our programs will spend a day in a designated “zone” either at Rileys, The Farm, or our Virginia campus, there will be an overlap of area use throughout the week – but never on the same day! In order to maintain sanitary practices and create a safe environment for our campers and staff, we will be following best practices on sanitation and disinfection from the ACA’s “Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance.” As things progress and change in the CDC guidance, we will continue to alter our sanitation to fit. We are excited to get your kids outside & as always, do everything we can to run a safe & fun program for campers.

Camper Screenings: Each camper will be required to fill out a Health Screening before attending Small Group Adventure. Campers will not be allowed to attend without prior pre-screening.

Staff Screenings: Our staff are following the same health screening requirements as our campers as well as signing an agreement to limit exposure from social gatherings, practice CDC-recommended hygiene while away from camp, and full COVID transparency between their household and Calleva.

Additional Waivers: Parents are required to complete and sign the Pre-Camp Check-List & COVID Disclaimer during checkout.

Medical Authorization Forms will still needed for all medications.

Policy: Please read and understand our current COVID policies regarding KEEPING CAMPERS HEALTHY with expectations for both campers, families, and staff while we operate under these heightened conditions. We also encourage you to spend time understanding our Infectious Disease Policy which includes the most recent requirements from the Department of Health and American Camping Association. Any children, staff or individual of any age with underlying medical conditions that are considered to be higher-risk for severe illness if they contract COVID-19, will need to have a letter from their primary physician.

SGA Descriptions

These Small Group Adventures or “SGAs” are alternative programs for your children to get outside during these trying times. We recognize the need for engaging in healthy outdoor activities while maintaining responsible social distancing. Our groups will be pursuing adventures independent from our other groups and the public while taking advantage of some much needed outdoor time. 

  • These programs do NOT have an overnight EXCEPT for the Surfing SGA High Adventure which is a week long program. 
  • Each SGA has a single point/single group designated Pick-Up and Drop-off location associated with their camp. Only that location can be used for each camp group.
  • Unfortunately due to current regulations, only Maryland families can register for our Maryland Camps. DC, MD and Virginia families are allowed to register for our Virginia Camps. Please contact your local officials if you want that to change!

6 small group BIG ADVENTURE options….

1)  Maryland* Explorer Farm SGA: AGES 6-8.

We are SO EXCITED to be able to offer some awesome programs out on our farm! This sampler program will get our younger campers outside, on the farm, and on the river. They will have opportunities to try new skills on our 180+ acre farm – which allows us to keep plenty of social distance on a day to day basis. Each activity will have its own “zone” on the farm to stay in each day so that no groups intermingle and each have bathroom and all necessary gear will be sanitized at the end of each day. Your kids will love to spend time on our farm: zipping through the trees, playing with the piglets, running down to the river and much, much more! Explorers will rotate between 5 amazing farm activities that include Growing Green, Archery, Survival Skills, Creek fun, Climbing, Challenge Course, & Canoeing.

Farm Transportation:  The transportation location will determine your child’s group for the week. Each bus is limited to 8-12 spots. Pick-up and drop-off locations and times include:

8:30/4:00  Glen Echo Parking Lot
8:15/4:00 Whitman HS*
8:30/3:45 Potomac Library*
8:30/4:00 Bethesda Library

8:30/4:00 Chevy Chase E.S.

Montgomery Mall Transit Center 
 (replacement for Cabin John)

Week 10 Schedule

*combined SGA group of 12 campers from 2 stops

2)  Virginia* Sampler: 

We feel very fortunate that our well loved Virginia Sampler Program will still be going strong this year, with less groups and plenty of space for separation between them.  Each activity will have its own “zone” on the Madeira campus so that no groups intermingle, including bathroom (porta john), hand sanitizing station and water coolers. Bathrooms and all activity equipment will be sanitized at the end of each day. Campers will rotate between 5 amazing activities that include Stand Up Paddleboarding, Rock Climbing, Water Adventures, Challenge Course, and Survival Skills. SGA’s follow our COVID policies

Ages: 8-14

Max: Group size 12 campers/ plus 3 staff

Virginia Transportation:  At this time, we are not providing bus transportation to and from our campus at Madeira School and families have to drop off and pick up at staggered times between 8:30-9:30 in the morning and 3:30-4:30 in the afternoon depending on your camper’s group.

3)  Virginia* Adventure



Fortunately our Virginia campers can also come from DC, and Maryland! Very similar to Adventure camps that focus the week learning a particular skill set; these activities will take place at our local parks where campers can social distance. Without our normal all-camp “council” meetings, these campers will get more time in their activity! We selected our most popular programs and are making them available to our DC and amazing Virginia families.  Activities will be taking place in Virginia but close to the border! Beginner Kayaking and SUP will be primarily focused at the Madeira Campus but have the ability to hit other cool spots.  SGA’s follow our COVID policies.

Ages 9-14

  • Stand Up Paddle boarding: Monday through Friday drop-off at 8:30 and pick-up at 4pm at Guy Mason Rec Center
  • Sail: Monday through Friday drop-off at 8:30 and pick-up at 4pm at Tenleytown @ Belt Road.
  • Beginner Kayak: Monday through Friday drop-off at 8:30 and pick-up at 4pm at Wilson H.S. 

4)  Maryland* Riley’s Sampler: 

Our traditional home base for Marylanders at Riley’s Lock is a great location to access the river – and participate in many of our favorite WATER SPORTS. We have access to plenty of outdoor space to ensure that groups keep appropriate distance from other groups before getting on and after getting off the water, and with a river so wide – they’ll be isolated for the rest of the day! We will offer some of our tried and true Activity Camp activities from Riley’s Lock, which will allow kids to get a good handle on some new skills, as well as some ‘back to basics’ water fun in the creek!! Activities include SUP, Kayaking, Canoeing, Adventure Island, Duckies, Tubing and C&O Adventures. SGA’s follow our COVID policies

Ages 8-14

Max: Group size 12 campers/ plus 3 staff

Riley’s Transportation:  At this time, we are have two transportation options: 1) Families can drop off and pick up at staggered times between 8:30-9:30 in the morning and 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon depending on your camper’s group to and from our River School Office at Riley’s Lock .

2) Pick Up and Drop off at  Whitman H.S. (M-F  9:00am/4:00pm)

5)  Maryland* Adventure SGA Camps: 

These camps are like our normal Adventure Camps, where campers can pick an activity and progress through skills the entire week. Transportation is provided to single pick up points for the entire group. Activities will take place at the river, rocks, and trails of our local parks where campers can social distance from the public, but not from all the ADVENTURE!!! These camps will get more time to play in their favorite spots, and have a singular pick-up spot for their camp. All of these SGA groups follow our COVID policies.

Ages 9-14*

Program Descriptions


We are so excited to be offering a program with our BELOVED OVERNIGHTS! Let your kids get out and surf for an entire week with our incredible surfing program. All campers will be sleeping in their OWN TENT, and riding their OWN BOARD at Assateague Island ~ Cowabunga!  This campsite is a large group site for 50 people on the other side of the park away from all other campers, and our 8 campers will have a great time learning to surf. Our SGA-HA group follows our COVID policies.

Ages 12-15

Transportation:  Like our normal High Adventures, parents need to drop off their campers at 7:30am on Monday and and pick them up at 6pm on Friday at our River School Office at Riley’s Lock. Group will be leaving Riley’s Lock for Assateague Island where they will Surf and Play for the week!