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MD Traveling SGA Descriptions

Calleva’s answer to “Summer Camp” while our regular programs are in jeopardy!  These Small Group Adventures or “SGAs” are alternative programs for your children to get outside during these trying times. We recognize the need for engaging in healthy outdoor activities while maintaining responsible social distancing. Our groups will be pursuing adventures independent from our other groups and the public while taking advantage of some much needed outdoor time.

All of these programs do NOT have an overnight!

Each SGA has a single point/single group designated Pick-Up and Drop-off location associated with their camp. Only that location can be used for each camp group.

Unfortunately due to current regulations, only Maryland families can register for our Maryland Camps. DC, MD and Virginia families are allowed to register for our Virginia Camps. Please contact your local officials if you want that to change!

Check out all our Traveling SGA Camp Options!

Mountain Biking SGA: Escape the noise from camp and the trailhead and pedal into the forest with the Mountain Biking camp. Campers will spend the week exploring all of the local off-road trail systems in Maryland and Virginia. The group will hit the trails in search of hills to climb, logs to ride over, and downhills to flow. Along the way we will learn riding techniques, bike maintenance, trail etiquette, biker safety, and have tons of fun on the trail. Bikers will be encouraged to progress at their own pace, and will have support from the rest of the team. 

Transportation:  Travilah Giant (M-F 9am/4pm)

Recommended Ages 11+

Duncan’s Land SGA: Duncan’s Land Adventure Camp gives campers a different land activity each day of the week. This program is perfect for the camper who wants to dabble in a bunch of different land activities. The Calleva-trained Instructor will teach the basics of rock climbing, caving, orienteering, and backpacking. Campers will experience a variety activities and will walk away from the week with the basic hard skills for each activity. Like all Calleva programs, Duncan’s follows the “challenge by choice” model.

Transportation:  Walt Whitman High School (M-F 9am/4pm)

Fishing SGA: Fishing Adventure Camp is all about having a great fishing story from your childhood. Whether your child is a novice or an experienced angler, a week in the fishing program is right for you. Campers will spend the week exploring ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay, in hopes of reeling in the “big one”. During the week, campers will learn how to use both natural and artificial bait and will fish from a variety of locations.  We will be fishing for small and largemouth bass, trout, fallfish, muskie, catfish, and maybe even the elusive snake head fish. By weeks end, campers will understand the principles of what it means to be a responsible angler, both for the fish and the natural environment. Although fishing is the main part of this adventure, the Fishing camp’s itinerary leaves room for a fun swimming hole or another side adventure if opportunity strikes!

Transportation:  Kentlands LDS Church (M-F 9am/4pm)


Kayaking SGA: Kayaking Adventure Camp is where it all started for Calleva, and water sports are rooted deep in our culture. Our kayaking camps have a progressive program that is great for any boater or water-lover. Campers spend their days at one of the many amazing kayaking spots along the Potomac River or Seneca Creek. The week will be filled with games, skill-based instruction, and challenges both on and off the water.  Although the main focus for the week is kayaking, just like in any Calleva program, fun will be at the heart of this program

Transportation:  Glen Echo Park (M-F 8:30am/4pm) and Old Anglers Inn (8:45am/3:45pm)

One Wheel SGA: OneWheel Adventure Camp is Calleva’s first motorized activity and for a dang good reason…it ROCKS! Check out the activity that has captured our entire community, and ushering Calleva into becoming the Area’s OneWheel distributor. This camp is a trail blazer into the newest and coolest activity we have seen in years. This makes sense after Calleva pioneered Mountain Boarding 15 years ago; OneWheel is the best way to catch a surf on land, snowboard without snow, or skate over trails. These exceptionally responsive yet stable boards are incredibly fun, and Calleva instruction will make this the camp to attend this summer!

Transportation:  Carderock Parking Lot (M-F 9am/4pm)

Rock Climbing SGA: “On belay?” “Belay is on.” “Climbing?” “Climb on!” Communication and partnership are the foundation in rock climbing. Campers will need to work together, communicate & problem solve, and encourage each other both on and off the rock wall. Every day, the Instructor will set up a range of different climbs and rappels for the group. Calleva staff will use games and fun to teach climbing technical skills and knots. Climbing campers will have the opportunity to learn how to belay (with a backup) to further ingrain the sense of partnership between the belayer and climber. Rock Climbing is a great activity to help campers challenge themselves on what they think they can overcome. Calleva staff use the “challenge by choice” model, and the whole group will encourage each other to gain confidence in rock climbing and life skills.

Transportation:  Carderock Parking Lot (M-F 9am/4pm)


Rafting SGA: There are two themes in Rafting Camp, FUN and TEAMWORK. As soon as we arrive at the put-in, campers will work together to get down to the river. Along the way, Rafters will learn about rapid formation, paddling techniques, and river hazards while having fun on the river. By weeks end, campers will have had the opportunity to guide and lead a raft, rapid swim, and challenge a Calleva staff to a “king of the raft” contest. No matter the location, campers will get to put their skills to the test and see how much fun they can have together.

Transportation:  Bethesda Library (M-F 9am/4pm)


Adventure Island SGA :Adventure Island is a place where campers can have lots of outdoor fun out and around the Potomac River. Every day, the team will paddle out to the island in Calleva’s massive “war canoes” and spend the whole day in and out of the water. Campers build basic survival skills, experience creeking, high & low rope challenges, rapid swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and general island silliness!

Transportation:  Drop off at Rileys Lock (M-F 9am/4pm)