MD Sampler Camp
(1 week)

CoEd Ages 9-15
6:1 Staff Ratio
Weeks 1, 11, & 12



Our Maryland Sampler Camp gets an introduction to 5 core Calleva activities — one for each day of their week!  Activities are selected from Calleva’s varied Adventure Camps: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Caving, Rafting, Canoeing & Adventure Island.  During Sampler weeks, campers are organized into age-based groups of approximately 12. Each morning after council, the group meets up with their days’ instructor and delve deep into adventure. Campers need to come ready to get wet, because every day there may be a chance to take a plunge.

Sampler Camp operates during the first week and last two weeks of the summer.   There is no Thursday overnight. We provide transportation to Camp (at Riley’s Lock) from Metropolitan Area “pick-up points”. Bus stops range between 8-9am and between 4-5pm. Parent pick-up/drop off can be arranged through the Calleva office.

Special Consideration: Sampler is only offered weeks 1, 11, & 12.

Maryland Sampler Camp does not have a Thursday Overnight.

Please Note: Week 1 & 12 are offered while public schools are still in session. Calleva provides all safety/technical gear for participating in any activity.  Daily sampler itineraries are based upon Day 1 of the Adventure Camp activity itinerary for each experience.  All itineraries are subject to change due to staff/director decisions based upon skill levels, age, water levels, environmental hazards, and other factors.

Rain Plan: We are aware that there are concerns regarding Rain & Storms at camp and especially on overnights. For any programs that we can continue to do the activities with happy campers we will do so. If for any reason the rain or storm has us stop the activity, then all groups have an alternative plan and location under cover. For adverse weather (such as severe storms), all activities have nearby shelters or use Calleva bus as a temporary shelter.

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