Leaders in Training 3

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Meet at Riley’s Lock between 7:15 – 7:30am.  Head to a secret location within continental US.
Tuesday: “Confidential”
Wednesday: “Top Secret
Thursday: “Private”
Friday: “Classified”
Saturday: Graduation!  Return Riley’s Lock 12:00pm.

Only information you need to know: As we learn how to handle uncertainty, which all change brings, we are better equipped to be happy and get to our goals!

  • CoEd Ages 16-18
  • Weeks 5,7,9
  • $1195/week
  • Availability
  • Registration: By invite only


LIT3 is the epic culmination of the LIT journey and the adventure of a lifetime!

As the final and most challenging course in the Leaders in Training sequence, LIT3 is designed to be exciting and memorable not in spite of its challenges and difficulties, but because of them.

Since 2011, the course has offered graduates of the LIT2 the ultimate opportunity to embrace the unknown, live outside the comfort zone, and commit to their highest visions and values.  Learning to handle uncertainty is a central theme of the week, so its activities are not revealed to the participants until they are experienced.

Participation in this adventure and preparation for its advanced material requires maturity, resilience, outdoor competence, and the ability to thrive on a team.

To be eligible for LIT3, participants must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have completed the Advanced LIT course
  • Be recommended as ready by the LIT staff.
  • ALIT graduates who are not yet eligible for LIT3 are encouraged to repeat the Advanced course at a reduced rate.

Note: We do send a “Confidential – Your Eyes Only” email to parents of the LIT3 participants well in advance of the course to give detailed information about the LIT3 week.