Leaders in Training 1

Basic Itinerary:

Monday:  Meet at Riley’s Lock between 7:00am and 7:30am. Establish team trust and begin to understand how the mind works.
Tuesday: Identify where are you starting from, where you want to go, and what you will need to believe to achieve the goals you desire.
Wednesday: Define your personal goals and summon the courage to reach these goals.
Thursday: Discipline your imagination by using the Law of Focus to stay in your power.
Friday: Understand how to use the mindset models to expand your identity and stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals.  Pickup from Riley’s Lock between 5:30pm and 6:30pm


Calleva Farm, Prince Williams Forest.

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The Calleva Leadership School’s flagship program has offered teenagers an exciting, challenging, and transformative outdoor adventure experience through the Leaders in Training program.  While many campers look forward to it as a rite of passage, LIT is the first Calleva experience for many of our participants, some of whom are drawn from across the country and around the world by our approach to leadership.  We believe that authentic leadership begins with an understanding of how the mind works, and that growth begins at the end of the comfort zone.  Our unique blend of teambuilding, mental science, and experiential learning helps teenagers grow as confident and self-aware leaders with a deeper appreciation for the world around them.
The LIT is five days and four nights long, including time in Prince William’s Forest Park, VA, and the Calleva farm.  Over the course of the week, participants grow as individuals and bond as a team while learning the principles of performance psychology and wilderness survival.

The week is spent living and exploring outside.  Activities include:

Land navigation with a map & compass
Ropes course with high & low elements
Creek swimming
Night hiking
Solo Vision Quest

Activities are complemented by a performance psychology curriculum. Mindset models include:

Habits and the conscious/subconscious mind:  Our identity is shaped by our habits – understanding how they begin, operate in our minds, and determine much of our daily lives and understanding how to change them intelligently and effectively
The role of fear and the law of focus:  Learning how unchecked fears can keep us from growth and how to use them for motivation instead, as well as how to override negative self-talk and expand our identities
Goal setting and self-evaluation:  How to accurately measure ourselves personally, emotionally, and socially, and how to set intelligent and achievable goals in these areas

Though prior experience in the outdoors is helpful, it is not necessary; in fact, this is a great course for people who are uncomfortable or inexperienced in the outdoors.  LIT is also recommended for those wishing to be a Calleva Counselors in Training (CIT) or Junior Counselor (JC).

Goals & Outcomes: Build confidence through challenge, self-reflection, and outdoor competence. Overcome fears and learn how to set goals intelligently.  Discipline focus and imagination in order to achieve goals.  Understand how to form new habits of thought and action to expand identity and gain a richer experience of life.  Think independently and see the consequences of decisions.  Understand strengths and areas of improvements.  Be more understanding of the needs and motivations of others.  Be a great team player.  Self-motivate effectively.  Step up in life!

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