Advanced Leaders In Training

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Meet at Riley’s Lock between 7:15am and 7:30am.  Focus of the day is to review concepts learned about the mind on LIT and to check in to see how the past year has gone: was empowerment maintained? Where did participants stumble?
Tuesday:  Identify areas of strength over the past year and areas of weakness; develop goals to strengthen areas of weakness.
Wednesday: Discipline your imagination by using the Law of Focus to stay in your power.
Thursday: Define your personal goals and summon the courage to reach these goals.
Friday: Commit to goals of self-betterment.  Pick up from Riley’s Lock between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.


Calleva Farm, Prince Williams Forest.

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The Leaders in Training part deux course is often described as a celebration.  Due to their familiarity with the material, as well as an additional year’s worth of experience and maturity, the LIT graduates who return for the Advanced course are well-prepared to reinforce and refocus their leadership skills!  ALIT is in part a review and reunion – participants reunite with LIT friends, brush up on the mindset models, revisit their goals, settle old scores on the paintball field, and take stock of where the last year has taken them.

The spirit of ALIT, however, looks forward rather than backward, and the course takes advantage of this increased maturity and familiarity by plunging into new and exciting territory.  Challenges from LIT reappear with twists that require more courage and independence to master, and new challenges are introduced that further stretch participants and expand their comfort zones.

One of these new challenges is an 8-foot fire walk over hot coals, an incredible experience that serves as a powerful metaphor for renewing commitment, breaking through fear, handling obstacles, and living in a peak state.


ALIT is a celebration because participants generally take more ownership of their experience.  By working to find their own meanings from the activities, investing in the success of the group, and seeking to internalize the mindset models, participants gain a stronger, deeper, and more personal understanding of our leadership principles.  By the end of the week they gain unforgettable memories, a strong support group, some powerful reference points, and a firmer grasp of the mental strategies they can use to work towards their best at home, school, and wherever their next journey takes them.
Challenge by Choice:  We use this philosophy in everything we do.  We lead by example and understand that everyone grows at their own pace.  We encourage and support, but do not insist that someone does something they are not ready for.  Sometimes, the most empowering path is to say “no,” and this decision is always affirmed.