Kayak Potomac LHA

Basic Itinerary (may be adjusted based on river level):

This is an entry level kayaking program and while we will be experiencing some whitewater, this program will focus on experiencing the Potomac from a kayak.

Monday: Meet at Riley’s Lock 7:15-7:30am. Paddle Breaks or GW Canal.
Tuesday: Paddle Monocacy Section to Potomac River and hike up to Calleva Farm.
Wednesday: Paddle to and around Harpers Ferry.
Thursday: Paddle Anglers to Lock 10
Friday: The Mather Gorge!

*This Itinerary is subject to change based on skills, weather, and water level.

Locations: Potomac River. Sections along the river and it’s tributaries.

Kayak Potomac

  • CoEd, Age 12-17
  • Week 1 (June 8th – 12th)
  • Week 5 (July 6th -10th)
  • $975/week
  • Availability

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Last year we changed the Kayak Potomac and adapted it to be more mobile kayaking program where we go to our favorite places instead of spending most our days on the sections in between… and it was AWESOME! This year we will spend our full days in our favorite areas, have lighter boats, and play as hard as we will paddle! Great days where skills can be taught and days can be enjoyed with longer exposure to sport, environment, and team building. This is the evolution of River School, OG Kayak Potomac and all that we have learned this past decade to go into 2020. This Local High Adventure is a great and easy way for campers to have an amazing adventure without having to go far, keep the comfort of staying in the area, but also be exposed to the variety of fun had on a kayak!

*Week 1: “Girls on the River” Kayak Potomac We are offering a special girls-only kayaking high adventure by popular request! With a similar itinerary to our existing Kayak Potomac week, our unique 5 day trip will also focus on teen leadership principles, empowering young women to enjoy challenges and adventures on the river!

About LHA ~ “Local High Adventures”….

Call this our throw back to the early days of Calleva! Two very big things that we used to do. First, back in the day all of Calleva would take a mid-summer hiatus from our “day camps” and the entire camp would go out for a week long adventure. We would push staff and campers alike to “really” experience their activity and the benefits of more group-time, more play-time, more learning experiences.  Secondly, all of our Thursday overnights were a touch further then we go now. As our Adventure Camps grew we scaled back the distance we allowed our Instructors to travel, and turned away from some pretty incredible locations. Well, these locations are BACK! Those amazing locations are again available to our campers and staff.

We are shutting down our regular Adventure Camps and giving you the opportunity to step into the wild, and experience something truly unforgettable. Experiences that will last a lifetime, come try our Local High Adventures.

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