Kayak Canada

Basic Itinerary:

Sunday: Meet at Riley’s Lock, time TBD.  Start driving north to the Black River in upstate New York.
Monday: Spend the day paddling the Black, baselining our boating skills.  Break out our passports as we continue heading north into Canada.
Tuesday: Paddle both sections of the Ottawa River.
Wednesday: Run the Gatineau
Thursday/Friday: Depending on water levels, group’s abilities we will pick the next two rivers.  In the past its been the Rougue and the Jacques-Cartier.
Saturday: Head back to MD.  If opportunity presents itself we will try and paddle one more day.


Black River, NY, Ottawa River, Gatineau, Rouge, Jacques-Cartier

Kayak Canada
CoEd Ages 12-17
Week 7 Intermediate
(Sunday July 19th-Saturday 25th)
Week 8 Advanced
(Sunday July 26th-Saturday August 1st)


Grab your boat, paddle and gear as we head north for a week of big water kayaking.  The goal for the week of paddling is to take our skills to the next level.  We move away from tight creek paddling and adjust to high volume big water rivers.  During this week of expeditions we will scout most rapids and discuss with campers the risks and consequences of each rapid.  Campers will leave the week with a better understanding of how to read rivers and rapids and assess their own skills on the water.  This “challenge by choice” style helps every young kayaker understand personal responsibility while still maintaining the safety net of having qualified instructors at their side.  The Kayak Canada trip is a staff favorite and is a great opportunity for a young boater ready to make huge strides in their kayaking skills.   

This is an advanced kayaking trip.  Campers should have a solid class III whitewater paddle roll.  This trip is perfect for a camper who has been through a few weeks of River School camp or an alumni of a West Virginia kayaking trip.  Campers will also need a letter from parents allow child to cross US/Canada border.