Cave WV

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Meet at Riley’s Lock 7:15-7:30am.  Drive to Pendleton County WV.  Introduction to caving and gear.
Tuesday: Cave safety, navigation and working together as group moving through a cave.
Wednesday: Relocate to Franklin, WV.  Cave formations and cave life
Thursday: Caving etiquette, mock cave rescue
Friday: One last caving opportunity before heading back to Riley’s for pizza dinner and song competition.  Return time between 5:30-6:30pm.


Key Cave, Hamilton Cave, Trout Caves, Aqua Cave

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For this week of adventure and fun we head to Pendleton County, West Virginia, home to 100’s of caves.  Campers will be fully immersed in the caving experience, learning many of caving hardskills as well as soft leadership skills along the way.  As we explore the vast underground world campers will learn about how and why these caves have formed, what types of life can survive in the darkness, and how to be a responsible caver.  Towards the end of the week, campers will get a first hand experience of being a cave rescuer, in our mock cave emergency.  Caving WV is a must for any new or experienced caver ready to take things to the next level.