Cave Tennessee

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Meet at Riley’s Lock 7:15-7:30am.  Begin journey down to Caver’s Paradise in Sewanee, TN.
Tuesday: Introduction to caving, cave safety, spotting techniques
Wednesday: Navigating, learning technical gear skills, vertical caving
Thursday: Cave formations and life inside caves, caving etiquette
Friday: Mock cave rescues, working together as a team
Saturday: Packup and head back to Riley’s Lock.  ETA between 7:00-8:00pm


TAG Region (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia) Gourdneck Cave, Limrock Blowing Cave, Stephen’s Gap Cave, Tumbling Rock Cave

Cave TN
CoEd Ages 12-17
Week 7 (Monday July 20th – Saturday 25th)


We have brought Caving Tennessee back for another summer.  Campers will head down to the TAG Region (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia) for this week of fun underground.  The TAG region is the premier US destination for caving.  The region offers endless numbers of caving opportunities perfect for a group of Calleva campers.  During the week we will visit dry, wet, horizontal, and vertical caves all within a short drive from our campsite.  Campers will learn the basics of vertical caving with rappelling and ascending.  Unlike many of the caves that campers experience in Adventure Camp, these caves are private, meaning we will have them to ourselves to explore.  Come and experience the world underground with this week of ADVENTURE and FUN.  

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