High Adventures

CoEd Ages 12-17
4:1 Staff Ratio
Weeks 1-10

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High Adventures

High Adventures are the next step in education when it comes to confidence in the outdoors.  These courses are designed to build upon the base skills learned at Calleva, and campers with any interest in taking it to the next level are encouraged to participate.  All these adventures embrace the outdoors, and work within a cohesive team that provides even more opportunities to grow as an individual and a group.  Campers can assess the dynamic situations that the environment offers and learn responsibility for self and skill.

Model and teach Leave No Trace (LNT) camping ethic and practices, including minimalist/ lightweight packing techniques, waste minimization and water purification methods, wildlife identification and preservation, and wilderness survival.

Needs: Due to new Md State requirements all participants must bring their own Sunscreen and Bugspray WITH their name clearly written on the bottles.

Travel: Calleva provides all logistical needs once the trip has started, however parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up students before and after the trip.

For all High Adventures, parents must drop off students at Calleva’s Riley’s Lock office at approximately 7.30am on Monday Morning for most High Adventures. We hope you will stay for continental breakfast with other High Adcventure campers, staff and parents – this is a great chance to meet your instructor and counselors for the week. Parents also need to pick up students at approximately 6.00 Friday Evening. Please do join us during this time for pizza dinner & shares.

* Instructors will be contacting you with specific dates and times for your campers specific trips

2019 High Adventure trips:IMG_4164
Backpack/Climb NC: Week 4
Cave TN: Week 3
Climb KY: Week 8
Colorado Epic: Week 5+6
Kayak Canada: Weeks 7 & 8
Kayak Potomac: Weeks 1 & 5
Kayak WV: Weeks 3 & 9
Kayak WV Lite: Week 4
Sail Chesapeake: Weeks 2,3,5-10
Beach SUP DE: Weeks 2,4,6 & 8
Surf MD: Weeks 2-10
WV Sampler: Weeks 2,7, & 9