STOKED for 2021!

Parent Testimonies from last summer:

“My kids came home and THANKED ME for signing them up for camp! Never had that happen before with any camp”

“My kids were like their pre COVID selves – bubbly, happy, talkative and tired in a good way.”

“He was happy and tired and dirty at the end of each day! Which is a blessing, especially right now.”


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Last year was a summer we will never forget, and we feel fortunate we were able to stay open and keep adventure alive and strong while keeping our campers and their families safe.

We are very excited about Summer 2021, and plan on using everything we learned to make this year even better than ever!

Why so many camps? Our camps are groups with small ratios that have incredible instruction packaged with loads of fun!

There are links below for each one of our amazing CAMPS and at the bottom of each page you will find their Availability and FAQs in Parent Resource.