• CoEd Ages 8-9
  • 5:1 Staff Ratio
  • Offered Weeks 2-10
  • $525/week
  • Availability

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EXPX SAMPLER is the next step in your journey from a camper to a leader. Instead of a schedule that has 4 activity rotations a single day, EXPX Sampler campers will dig into one activity each day, for a full day of skill building and fun with our expert Calleva team. EXPX Sampler camps are geared for our 8-9 yr old campers who want more adventure, but not quite ready to join Adventure Camp.

Each day campers rotate through an entire day of specialized activities with fun and instruction. Each activity is supervised by a trained adult who facilitates the activity and games related to the activity to build individual skills and group cohesion. EXPX Sampler operates within Explorers Camp, sharing councils and weekly themes with the Explorer team. Operating and traveling within the National, County and State Parks, as well as private property near the Potomac and Seneca Creek confluence. We provide bus service to camp from “pick-up points” throughout the DC Metropolitan area.  Campers are encouraged to participate in all activities, unless for health reasons.

One Day is set aside for Ropes Course & Farm Activities, to help the group bond and learn more about themselves and their group. These “challenges” are fun and include problem solving and communication.

A camp experience is not complete without canoeing on the river and feeling confident in a boat and in the water. A point to point journey that includes lunch and games on one of the many islands on our section of the Potomac.

X Adventures is up to the Director’s discretion but typically includes a creekin’ day with fishing and rope swinging. A favorite day that is much more care free, and open to however far up the creek the group wanders!

Back to the river for one of our specialties and a Calleva must… Kayaking! This empowering activity opens up the vast sport of kayaking and independence on the water.

A good day of Archery and Climbing is necessary to complete an impressive week of camp. Nestled perfectly in the Ag Preserve at the Calleva Farm campers travel through X-Topia as they “hunt” around in the woods looking for adventure.

Rain Plan: We are aware that there are concerns regarding Rain & Storms at camp. For any programs that we can continue to do the activities with happy campers we will do so. If for any reason the rain or storm has us stop the activity, then all groups have an alternative plan and location under cover. For adverse weather (such as severe storms), all activities have nearby shelters or use Calleva bus as a temporary shelter.

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