Epic 2-week Sampler
CoEd Ages 8-12
6:1 Staff Ratio

Offered Weeks 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10
2-Week Schedule


Epic 2-Week Sampler

We just doubled-down on your kid’s summer camp experience and things are blowing up… campers and parents WIN! Twice the Adventure, 10x more games, 13% more team bonding, 46% more chances for personal challenges, 58% more friends, 113% more dirt, 18% more rapid swimming, 6.8% more songs, 0% more overnights, 24% increase on odds of winning a song competition, 38% chance of increased activity skills, 4% more s’mores, 68% more exploring…. do the math and then double that in FUN!!!!

This incredible camp experience is designed exclusively for 8-12 year olds.  Two weeks mean that group has more time to bond, instructors have more time to instruct, and campers have more time in our amazing summer camp community. We created this program to build skills, filled with activities that leave kids forgetting about technology and wanting more time outside. Schedule and days are stacked for campers to have time to go further then they were previously able to in Sampler Camp, while not committing completely to our Adventure Camps.

Epic 2-Week Sampler is replacing Explorers Extreme and Island Day Camp. If you are still interested in going to the island every day, you can sign up for Adventure Island Camp and/or Adventure Island High Adventure.

Epic 2-week Sampler does NOT have a Thursday Overnight.

Canoeing: Work together and explore the Potomac and the variety of Islands and Rope swings along the way.

Challenge Course & Farm Fun: The Challenge Course at the Calleva Farm is designed for growth of the individual through understanding and expanding our own personal comfort zones.  Our farm is at the heart of everything Calleva. And any time that is spent at the farm includes time in the garden and with the animals. Learn how to shoot an arrow, care for animals, or play in the woods.

Rock Climbing: Travel to some local crags for some amazing climbing and rappelling. Learn to climb hard routes and help belay your mates as we encourage you to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Kayaking: Our preferred mode of transportation at Calleva. Learn with the best as kayaking is a core activity and a great skill to build confidence in moving water. A skill all kids should have.

Hiking/Wilderness Survival Skills: Get around and check out the best kept secrets in what we consider the GREATEST National Park in the Metropolitan Area…. the C&O has great trails and access to the River and Rock.

Adventure Island: So exciting that we turned it into it’s own camp. We can’t stay away whether it is the adventure getting to it, or the fun once we are there… it’s all in the name!

Rain/Weather Plan: We are aware that there are concerns regarding rain & storms at camp. Sometimes the weather requires a change in itinerary for Epic 2-Week Sampler. If high water conditions cause safety concerns,  groups will utilize pre-planned alternate locations. We will continue with outdoor activities as long as it’s possible to be safe and with happy campers.

Special Consideration: Epic 2-Week Sampler does not have an overnight.


Epic 2-Week Sampler

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