CoEd Ages 8-14
5:1 Staff Ratio
Weeks 1-10
$630/week with Thursday Overnight 

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Potomac Adventures

That’s right! Calleva is coming to Virginia, and we’re bringing the best of what we have to offer with us. Calleva Virginia is offering one week adventure camps that include all of our MOST POPULAR activities. Every week, every camper will participate in one day of rafting, rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding, and a day of land and water adventures on the Potomac River. It’s a perfect mix of land and water, and an amazing opportunity to get any kid enjoying the great outdoors! We keep our groups small (12 campers), and make sure that there are plenty of Calleva staff to make the day special (3 per group).

What does a week of Potomac Adventures look like? It’s a blast! Campers get to try a mix of different activities, learning something new every day.

Sample Schedule:

Monday: Rafting on the Potomac Gorge — Introduce yourself to white water by paddling the Potomac Gorge. Get ready for the waves!

Tuesday: Climbing on location — Learn what it takes to climb REAL rock on location with our own private routes!

Wednesday: Water Adventures on the Potomac — Ever gotten the chance to rope swing, fish, or hunt crayfish? How’s exploring islands on the Potomac in a 20 person war canoe sound?

Thursday: Land Adventures — Swing through the trees on our very own Ropes Course or navigate through our 300+ acres of riverfront forest!

Friday: Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Potomac — Test your balance while riding through rapids at Maryland Chute. Don’t worry, there’s time to build your skills so you can surf those waves!

*See activity descriptions below

Optional Director’s Thursday Overnight:

Thursday Night: A select few can opt to stay over on campus and take part in an EPIC campout that includes an additional adventure, night-time zip lining, water activities, and an amazing overnight experience led by one of our Directors. Campers will participate full days with their groups on both Thursday and Friday, but depart for their extended experiences once the rest of camp heads home. Only 12 campers can participate in this Thursday Overnight.

*All Campers must bring non-perishable lunches from home.


Rafting: There are two themes in Rafting, FUN and TEAMWORK.  As soon as we arrive at the put-in campers will have to work together to get down the river.  Along the way the rafters will learn about how rapids form, how to successfully guide a boat, and how to “read” a river, making sure to hit the biggest and best whitewater along the way! Not to mention being on (and in!) the water is a great way to beat the summer heat!

SUP: We have taken all of the best parts of kayaking, canoeing, and rafting, and combined them into one activity, creating our Standup Paddleboarding aka “SUP” program!  We have custom built our very own SUPs to be perfect river vessels. A day of SUPing will begin with basic SUP skills and techniques, and then we’ll quickly move on to small whitewater.  Campers will progress to become comfortable and confident paddlers by the end of the day.  During our SUP adventures we will play games, tackle challenges, and punch through some beautiful Potomac whitewater!

Climbing: “On belay?” “Belay is on.” “Climbing?” “Climb on!” Communication and partnership are the foundation of rock climbing. Campers will need to work together, problem solve, and encourage each other both on and off the rock wall. Everyday the instructor will set up a range of different climbs and rappels for the group. Throughout the day the Calleva staff will use games and fun to teach climbing technical skills and knots. Climbing campers may also have the opportunity to learn how to belay (with a backup) to further ingrain the sense of partnership between the belayer and climber.

Water Adventures: There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than by spending all day in the water! In Water Adventures, campers will participate in a variety of activities, all focused around Madeira’s beautiful riverfront property. Campers may find themselves fishing, or exploring nearby islands, navigating the river and taking time to enjoy the cool water. There’s also always time for a rope swing, or quick dip in Black Pond!

Land Adventures: Ever want to learn how to build a wilderness shelter, start the perfect camp fire, or zip-line high above the forest floor? During a day of Land Adventures, campers will get a chance to do all this and more! Campers will get the opportunity to challenge themselves and work with their group mates on the expansive Madeira ropes course. They’ll have to work closely with their group members to solve ropes course challenges, building trust and new friendships along the way! They may also have time to play a few rounds of camouflage, or learn how to navigate using a map and compass. There are so many ways to enjoy and explore the Madeira campus, and in Land Adventures our goal is try everything!

Optional Director’s Overnight: Ever want to explore deep underground in the caves of West Virginia, or paddle a Ducky down Yellow Falls? Well the Director Overnight could be your campers’ opportunity to do just that! Each week, 12 lucky campers will stay after camp on Thursday, and participate in an extra activity led by camp director Duncan Olsen. Campers will then get to stay the night on the beautiful riverfront Madeira property, taking time to get in the water, explore, or even participate in some night ropes course activities! Duncan has been instructing for 10 years at Calleva, and has hand picked some of his favorite activities for the overnight.  Each week’s activities will be chosen by Duncan based on age, environmental conditions, & experience.  Some of the possibilities are…Whitewater Duckies, Rock Climbing, Caving, Whitewater Rafting, Standup Paddleboarding. All overnights take place on Campus in Great Falls Va.

Rain Plan: We are aware that there are concerns regarding Rain & Storms at camp. For any programs that we can continue to do the activities with happy campers we will do so. If for any reason the rain or storm has us stop the activity, then all groups have an alternative plan and location under cover. For adverse weather (such as severe storms), all activities have nearby shelters or use Calleva bus as a temporary shelter.

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