Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Basic itinerary:

Monday: Paddle strokes, balancing, flatwater
Tuesday: Introduction to moving water, advanced positioning
Wednesday: Ferries, peel outs, eddies.  Board recovery
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Advanced paddle strokes, navigating whitewater, surfing


Riley’s Lock, Old Anglers Inn, Mather Gorge, Harpers Ferry

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We have taken all of the best parts of kayaking, canoeing, and rafting, combined them into one activity to create our Stand Up Paddle Boarding aka “SUP” program.  We have custom built our very own SUPs to be perfect river vessels.  The week will begin with basic SUP skills and techniques and then we quickly move onto small whitewater.  Campers will progress to become comfortable and confident paddles on a wide range of river conditions.  During our SUP adventures we will play games, tackle daily challenges, and punch through whitewater all on our SUP boards.  In SUP campers will have to cooperate and come together as a team in order to efficiently and safely navigate the rapids.   As well as all of the SUP skills and techniques, campers will learn about river reading and water hydrology.  By Thursday campers will be ready for bigger water and waves on the overnight.

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