Sailing Adventure Camp

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Rigging and steering
Tuesday: Jibing and course setting
Wednesday: Downwind sailing, jibing and capsizing.
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Captaining, Calleva Cup


Riley’s Lock, Edwards Ferry, Gravely Point, Sharpshin Island, Sandy Point

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Sailing, Calleva’s only non-whitewater water activity, although don’t think we haven’t tried to take the sailboats down rapids.  Picture floating down the river like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, basking in the warmth of the sun on a beautiful summer day.  Now add a big sail, 3-4 of your friends, fellow campers or Calleva Staff trying to board and pirate your boat, and this is a typical day in Sailing Camp.  Campers will be introduced to our Hobie Cat sailboats, taught how to harness the wind, plot a course, and lead a group of fellow boatmates.  Our Hobie Cat sailboats are perfect for beginners all the way to the weathered captain.  The goal of Sailing Camp is to get the campers comfortable to sail their boats without a Calleva staff, just their fellow boatmates.  Skills are taught using games, challenges, races, and fun.  All of our skills are put to the test during the overnight on Thursday to Friday.  On Friday morning campers will get a chance to bring home the Calleva Cup in our weekly sailing race.

There are two levels of Sailing Camp at Calleva.  The group will be divided on Monday based on age and experience.  Sailing 1 will spend the week at Riley’s Lock while Sailing 2 will be traveling daily to different locations.

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