Rock Climbing Camp

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Introduction to climbing gear, getting comfortable off the ground
Tuesday: Knots, rappelling, belaying
Wednesday: Climbing etiquette, climbing techniques
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Anchors foundation, advanced climbing techniques


Carderock, Great Falls, Sugarloaf, Annapolis Rocks, McMahon’s Mills, Left Fork

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“On belay?” “Belay is on.” “Climbing?” “Climb on!” Communication and partnership are the foundation in rock climbing. Campers will need to work together, problem solve, and encourage each other both on and off the rock wall. Everyday the instructor will set up a range of different climbs and rappels for the group. Throughout the day the Calleva staff will use games and fun to teach climbing technical skills and knots. Climbing campers will have the opportunity to learn how to belay (with a backup) to further ingrain the sense of partnership between the belayer and climber.  By Thursday and Friday campers will have progressed to take their climbing skills to the big walls on the overnight.  Rock Climbing is another great activity to have campers challenge themselves on what they think they can overcome.  The Calleva staff use the “challenge by choice” model to push the camper to gain confidence in rock climbing and life skills.

There are typically two groups of rock climbing and campers are divided by age not skill level.  Calleva will make exceptions for this to keep friends and family member together.

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