Rock Climbing
CoEd Ages 9-15
Weeks 2-10


Rock Climbing

Communication and partnership are the foundation in rock climbing. Campers will need to work together, communicate & problem solve, and encourage each other both on and off the rock wall. Every day, the Instructor will set up a range of different climbs and rappels for the group and individual.

Climbing ~ MD has a Thursday Overnight!

Monday: Introduction to climbing gear, getting comfortable off the ground
Tuesday: Knots, rappelling, belaying
Wednesday: Climbing etiquette, climbing techniques
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Anchors foundation, advanced climbing techniques

Locations: Carderock, Great Falls, Sugarloaf, Annapolis Rocks, McMahon’s Mills, Left Fork, Elizabeth Furnace

Transportation: Your group will be picking up and dropping off at Walt Whitman High School at 8:30/4:30 and Carderock at 9:00/4:00

Rain/Storm Plan: We are aware that there are concerns regarding Rain & Storms at camp. All Calleva activities take place outdoors, and sometimes the weather requires a change in itinerary. If for any reason, severe rain or storm requires us to stop a group’s activity, the Instructor & Head Counselor for that group will activate their pre-planned alternate activity. Each group has its own alternative plan, which includes a safe location under cover. For adverse weather (such as severe storms), groups have access to nearby temporary shelters or can use Calleva bus as a temporary shelter. We will continue with outdoor activities as long as it’s possible to be safe and with happy campers.