Mountain Biking Camp

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: ABC quick check, getting comfortable on our bikes
Tuesday: Up, over, down, and around obstacles, technique
Wednesday: Sharing the trail, mountain biking ethics, bike maintenance
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Advanced techniques, challenging ourselves and testing our limits


Seneca Creek State Park, Schaeffer Farms, Wakefield Park, Patapsco State Park, Greenbrier State Park

Mountain Biking

CoEd Ages 9-15
Weeks 2-10
No Overnight Week 4

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Escape the noise from camp and the trailhead and pedal into the forest with the Mountain Biking camp. Campers will spend the week exploring all of the local off-road trail systems in Maryland and Virginia. The group will hit the trails in search of hills to climb, logs to ride over, and downhills to flow. Along the way we will learn riding techniques, bike maintenance, trail etiquette, biker safety, and have tons of fun on the trail. Bikers will be encouraged to progress at their own pace, and will have support from the rest of the team. The highlight for any mountain bike camper is the overnight on Thursday and Friday, when there are no time restraints and we can spend as much time on the trail as we want.

We will be mountain biking over rough, and sometimes steep, terrain with many obstacles such as rocks and roots. Your camper should be proficient at riding a mountain bike.

Calleva will provide mountain bikes for all of the campers for the week, please also contact the office if your camper is under 4’6” or over 5’10” in height so that we can be ready with an appropriately sized bike.  If campers would like to bring their personal bike it must be dropped off at the Calleva office at Riley’s Lock. Please bring your own lock so that you can lock it to the Riley’s Lock bike rack.

Optional GearBag to purchase:

This year, Calleva is offering campers the option to purchase a GearBag during checkout which includes all the camping gear you will need for your overnight. These duffle bags come home with your camper on the bus before the overnight so it can be packed with personal clothes and toiletries!

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