Growing Green Adventure Camp

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Garden tour and introduction to Calleva Farm
Tuesday: Animals, animals and more animals
Wednesday: Getting down and dirty, fun farm work
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): 24 hour farm experience, living the farmer lifestyle


Calleva Farm and visits to other local farm

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Today being “Green” is not enough, we want to be self-sufficient with hay fields, produce garden and animal proteins on our farm.  The Growing Green programs give campers the full experience on the circle of being self-sufficient, raising animals humanely, grow practices, and eating local.  Campers will get down and dirty weeding, plowing the bedrows, transplanting, composting, and other farm duties.  During the week we will meet the cows, chickens, goats, pigs and discusses their role on our farm.  Don’t think the week is all work, each day their is ample time spent having fun and playing on the Calleva farm.  The week culminates with an overnight on Thursday and Friday, living the life of a modern day farm and all of its challenges.