Fishing Adventure Camp

Basic itinerary:

Monday: Basic fishing gear, baiting and hooking, casting
Tuesday: Advanced casting techniques, live vs. artificial bait
Wednesday: Finding the perfect fishing spot, knot tying
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Freshwater vs. saltwater,  Surf fishing


Rileys Lock, Seneca Creek, Farm Pond, Seneca Breaks, Point Lookout State Park

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Having a great fishing story from your childhood is a must and the Fishing program is going to make sure that happens.  Whether you’re a novice or experienced angler a week in the fishing program is right for you.  Campers will spend the week exploring ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers and the bay in hopes of reeling in the “big one”.  During the week campers will learn how to use both natural and artificial bait and fish from a variety of different locations.  We will be fishing for smaller and largemouth bass, trout, fallfish, miskie, catfish, and maybe even the elusive snake head fish.  Campers build their skills throughout the week before the overnight on Thursday and Friday when we fish for stripped bass and rockfish.  By weeks end campers will understand the principles of what it means to be a responsible angler, both for the fish and the natural environment.  Although fishing is the main part of this adventure camp’s itinerary we can never turn our back on a fun swimming hole or an adventure to be had.