Caving Adventure Camp

Basic Itinerary:

Monday: Adjusting to life underground and cave hazards
Tuesday: Being in tight places
Wednesday: Navigation and exploring the subterranean
Thursday/Friday (Overnight): Vertical caving and roping handling skills


Hundred Holes Cave, Snivelys Cave, Whitings Neck, Carnegie, Trout

  • CoEd Ages 9-15
  • 6:1 Staff Ratio
  • Weeks 3-10
  • $525/week


The hugely popular Adventure Camp activity, Caving, has campers exploring the depths of the underground.  Campers will spend their day in Mother Nature’s own A/C walking, crawling and sliding on their bellies through passages of the unknown.  In the Caving program campers will get to experience what its like to be in complete darkness.  They will learn about geological conditions that foster cave formations, underground environment, and what kind of life has adapted to living in the darkness.  Caving is very much a team activity and the goal for the week is to learn how to move as a cohesive group.  The campers will learn about caving hazards and how to work together to safely manage these hazards.  The first three days will prepare campers for their FUN and ADVENTUROUS overnight on Thursday and Friday.  Like in all Calleva programs, Caving follows the “challenge by choice” model and campers will be pushed in a positive way that fosters growth.

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