Tony Witter


Tony grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He found Calleva after serving for 26 years as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army. He started the “Leaders in Training” Course (LIT) in 2003 with one week, and in 2016 we will have a total of 22 weeks. The three progressive levels of LIT give young teenagers the principles, tools, and experiential outdoor adventure activities to learn and practice how to build their confidence! Above is a group of LITers after some paintball battles. That’s me way in the back with the blond/gray hair.

Earliest Calleva memory: My earliest memory at Calleva was on the very first LIT seeing how empowered the teens felt the morning after their overnight solo vision quest!

Would you prefer to drive a bus or do farm work? I like farm work – I worked on a farm in Lancaster for two years – got to drive a tractor at age 14.

Should toilet paper be hung over or under on the roll? Out in the woods, you can use leaves as toilet paper and it doesn’t matter if they are over or under…just ensure you know how to identify poison ivy!