Tony Witter

Tony is Calleva’s Leaders in Training Director and has been with Calleva since 2003. After leaving a 26 year career in the U.S. Army, he went to a Tony Robbins’ event to “power up” and after several courses, he was selected to be a trainer at the first Discovery Camp for teenagers. Following that experience, he decided to combine his love of the outdoors with an empowerment psychology curriculum to help teenagers learn how to increase their self-confidence. He found Calleva after “surviving” a night at Markoff’s Haunted Forest. After that experience he found out that Calleva has a camp and met with the Markoff brothers, with their support and encouragement he started the Leaders in Training Program.

Tony’s favorite part about being at Calleva is being part of an extraordinary team with an amazing mission of helping children and adults learn to love nature by learning outdoor adventure skills and seeing their confidence grow as well! His favorite Calleva activity is the Solo Vision Quest on the Leaders in Training program. He loves to learn from an amazing group of staff and seeing teenagers stretch their comfort zones and come to the realization they can be much more than they think they can be. Tony’s favorite board game is Monopoly, get the green and orange properties!