Tess DeSmedt


I have been at Calleva for almost 4 years. I started as a head counselor and soon got hired as the equestrian director, a position that I have loved and continue to love everyday.
My favorite part of Calleva is the diversity of its staff and clients and its community oriented philosophy. Everyone is unique and different yet all included in the beautiful Calleva family and respected for who they really are.

My passion outside of work would have to be my relationship with my daughter and husband which is the best part of my days. Of course, I still am a passionate rider and take the opportunity to trail ride anytime it presents itself!

First Calleva memory: My first memory was walking up to the kitchen while a school overnight program was going on. Doi was leading the program and it was my first time at the farm. Steve-o had brought me to introduce me to some staff. I couldn’t believe this could actually be a work environment as I was seeing all these amazingly happy staff doing what they loved to do and seeing this group of middle schoolers so enthusiastic about their experience in the outdoors. Also a memorable dinner!

Would you prefer to do farm work or drive a bus? Bus route, getting my CDL is the biggest achievement of my life and it better be put the good use.

Does toilet paper hang over or under the roll?  EVERYONE OVER!!!!!! WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?! This almost ends my marriage, every other week, BTW