Paul Brubacher


Often referred to as the Dark Overlord of Markoff’s Haunted Forest, Paul started with Calleva as a seasonal actor/builder in 1997 when Markoff’s Haunted Forest moved to it’s current location on the Calleva Farm in Dickerson MD. Over the last 20+ years Paul has been part of the brilliant design team that has grown this once small and niche event into a nationally recognized industry leader. Often credited as being the man to bring fire to the woods, his brilliant and innovative skills with pyrotechnics and flame effects have set Markoff’s Haunted Forest apart from the competition. In his off time you can find Paul designing and setting off professional firework displays all over the tristate area, in the front seat of a fire truck at his local Vol. Fire Department or coaching his sons wrestling team. One of his finest memories from the beginning of this whole epic haunted adventure was running thru the woods in the dark fighting thru thorn bushes to restart a single generator that ran the rudimentary electrical system. Since then he often looks back in amazement at how big this event has really gotten!

Would you prefer to do farm work or drive a bus route? I would never in a million years drive a Calleva bus loaded with children. Plus Im too busy unclogging Calleva’s toilets to drive a bus.

What is the proper way to hang toilet paper, over or under the roll? Toilet paper is for suckers, I use small white rabbits.

Which Markoff is your favorite? Nick’s wife Jenn is my favorite Markoff