Nicole Norton


I am a native to Maryland and grew up in the Poolesville/Dickerson area with my family. I am the third oldest of six kids and an aunt to some adorable nieces and nephews. I attended college at Brigham Young University- Idaho where I earned a bachelors degree in Business Management. Before coming to work at Calleva in April 2012, I spent several years working in the lovely world of retail.

I work in the Calleva Office as the Marketing and Registration Coordinator but depending on what season we’re in there is always something additional going on. I have also been known to fill in as the Explorers Arts & Crafts instructor from time to time.

Outside of work I love working on my scrapbook, different crafts, and spending time with my family and friends.

First Calleva memory: My earliest memory of Calleva goes back to when my older sister and brother were some of the first campers. I remember they would come home and tell stories about their day at camp or sing some of the camp songs. Fast forward to 2012 and what I remember from the first couple of weeks of working here was meeting a lot staff that I didn’t know, getting acclimated to the office, and then going out to the farm and seeing everything that was going on out there.

Would you prefer to drive a bus route or do farm work? Since I’ve never driven a bus route then I might lean towards farm work. However, in my opinion each of those has different pros and cons so maybe I would just flip a coin to decide depending on the day.

What is the proper way to hang toilet paper, over or under the roll? The correct way to hang toilet paper is over because that way it is less likely to hit up against the wall.