Nick Markoff


Hi my name is Nick Markoff I am one of the founders of Calleva which not only makes me old, but wise and experienced as well. Calleva is a special place for me and I have enjoyed every stage of its journey. Although nowadays I “allow” the younger staff to guide most programs, sometimes I pull rank and lead some of the high adventure trips- which is some of the best programs we have at Calleva. This summer I will be kayaking in WVA and Canada and hopefully getting on one of the trips to Linville Gorge!
Most of my time (and thoughts) are centered on Markoffs Haunted Forest which has also grown throughout the years into a huge attraction. I love building new scenes and making the trails genuinely unique and scary. I also love to spend time in the auto shop with our mechanics Deo and Steve. With over 40 buses, tractors and equipment there is always stuff to work on and so much to learn.

First Calleva memory: One of my earliest memories of Calleva would be sitting around with the family and trying to come up with a camp song. We all submitted ideas and then voted for the best.

Would you prefer to drive a bus route or do farm work? I always prefer to drive a bus. It gives me opportunity to interact with parents and also make sure bus if operating properly.

What is the proper way to hang toilet paper over or under the roll? Toilet paper definitely over, because my mother told me so!