Max Hart


Hi! I’m the director of agriculture education, which means that I’m lucky enough to work with kids AND animals. I’m a big fan of Super Smash Bros, skateboarding, and Connor Crickmore. I had been working on farms and in restaurants for 10 years before coming to Calleva full time. I am passionate about sharing gardening techniques with our future generations because I believe that ones ability to feed themselves is empowering. Gardening is a way for people to be more sustainable, healthier, and more independent!


What is favorite Calleva activity:

Council. The energy that comes off of 200+ kids and 50+ staff at 9am in the morning is INSANE. The variations of tag, the staff races, and Land vs water competitions are my bread and butter.


What is something you’ve done in the last year that has challenged you:

We have this 80 year old greenhouse that we salvaged from a flower shop I grew up next to. Taking it down was my biggest challenge of 2018 and my biggest challenge of 2019 has been putting it back up. It’s so worth it, however, because of the amount of wood, glass, and steel that we DONT need to buy brand new. This structure is a labor of love and so beautiful…but challenging (especially with a brand new ACL).


What are you looking forward to the most in 2020:

I’m excited to expand our growing operation here on the farm! Last year I was very focused on curriculum and working with groups hands on with production as a happy bonus! If production last year was a 5, this year I’m turning it up to 11 and I’m gonna break the guitar on stage after the solo.