Matt Markoff


I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such an incredible and talented team, and easily it is this community that makes working here so awesome. Raising my 3 kids in this community where everyone is such a positive role model and looks out for them drives this home every day. I have always felt very passionate about the outdoors, and teaching a love and appreciation for the natural environment. Creating a fun and safe place for kids and adults to learn a skill and grow self-confidence is the cornerstone of what we do. My favorite family activity is taking my wife and kids backpacking, and we have a particular affinity to road-trips (maybe because I used to live in a van)!

First Calleva memory: Some of my earliest memories are walking across the bridge to get to council and waiting for Alden Michaels to get across that bridge. The first camper nickname of Mole for Mark Blackwell. Tim Potter doing Tae Kwan Do at council. Our first High Adventure where we were driving down the river and finding out there was not one rapid. Camping out at the property we were leasing after hours to protect our equipment. Building a dock on the lake.

Would you rather drive a bus route or do farm work? Funny enough I would rather drive a bus route (more so for a school program). Love talking with the teachers about the trip, getting a big bus around a traffic circle, and watching our amazing bus counselors sing and get the kids pumped.

What is the proper way to hang toilet paper, over or under the roll? No preference on Toilet Paper, rather wipe with stones in the wilderness over a cathole!