Eric “Farve” Hanson


Eric, know here as Farve, has been at Calleva for about 17 years, starting when he was a camper at 9 years old. Farve is now one of Calleva’s main instructors for kayaking summer camp and river sports. He leads After School Kayaking in the spring and fall as well as the youth division of Cheat Training. Over the winter, Farve leads kayaking trips in Mexico and works on the farm.

Farve is now a Pyrahna kayaks rep here on the Potomac. If you have questions about the 9R, Farve’s your guy!

His favorite part of Calleva is spending time with friends and family while working in the outdoors. Outside of work he likes to kayak, play sports and spend time with this three-legged dog.

Funniest Calleva memory: My funniest memory at Calleva happened when Matt had a council competition to see which one of Adam Swishers nipples would return to normal size after he flicked them.

Which Markoff is your favorite? My favorite Markoff is Mary Markoff (mother to Alex, Nick and Matt Markoff). She is always so happy and positive and a great chef. She knit animal beanies for all of her grandkids for Christmas which really speaks to her selflessness.

What is the proper way to hang toilet paper over or under the roll? When hanging toilet paper it is important to have the loose end on the top of the roll so the toilet paper comes over the roll. This keeps extra toilet paper from hanging down from the roll and making you look like a slob.