Duncan Olsen

Duncan is Calleva’s Virginia Director. He joined the Calleva team as a young CIT around 2005 and it’s been a long journey since then! Duncan still remembers the moment he found out about Calleva, Way back when, I was at a summer camp fair at White Flint Mall with my mom. She had just gotten into caving, and we walked past this booth for an outdoor adventure camp called Calleva that just happened to offer a week-long caving camp. I went for a week my first summer, had an amazing time, and have been going back ever since.”

When we expanded to our Calleva Virginia campus in 2018, Duncan was the obvious choice for the director as has been the lead in Virginia ever since! He loves to see how Calleva grows and changes in so many ways, while still being able to keep all of the things he loved about it as a kid. He also thinks that it’s amazing to be able to run programs that help kids build their confidence and competence in the outdoors. His favorite Calleva activities are caving and mountain biking, but really anything in Virginia! Duncan enjoys that his role allows him to bring Calleva closer to all of his Virginia people, he loved taking the bus out to MD as a kid, but it’s so nice to have a beautiful space closer to our Virginia families. Duncan’s favorite board game to play in Virgina is Risk!