Dave “Brokeback” Harding


Brokeback came to Calleva in 2007 after a climbing accident left him with a broken back, although his ties to Calleva and the Markoffs goes back much further. His parents both worked as counselors for the Markoff boys when they were campers just up the road at Valley Mill. Brokeback came on board as a Climbing Instructor, but quickly spread throughout other areas of the camp. Now he runs almost every program Calleva offers, although his favorites would be SUP or the West Virginia High Adventure trip. Along with running programs for Calleva he also plays a big role in Markoff’s Haunted Forest designing and managing The Town, a wild west themed haunted attraction. His favorite part about Calleva is the fact that every day is a new adventure, and there are always so many exciting projects going on. Outside of Calleva he is kept busy with his 4 amazing kids, as well as his backyard chickens and garden. In whatever spare time he has left he volunteers as a Fire Fighter/EMT, and puts the skills he’s learned at Calleva to good use as a member of Frederick County’s Advanced Technical Rescue team.

What you remember from your first day at Calleva, or earliest memory:
My first day at Calleva was when I met up with Alex at the Calleva farm for an interview. I had just come from managing a recreation department for a resort outside of Zion National Park where we had run similar activities to Calleva, so the first question he asks is “Can you run the woods zipline for this boy scout program?” I jumped right in and got to work, and have been going every since.

Which would you prefer: farm work or drive a bus route and why:
While I don’t mind driving a bus every now and again, I would much rather be out working on the farm… since that is where the Haunted Forest is. Along with doing things for MHF I also enjoy spending time building things in the wood shop, creating something on the CNC router, and this year I look forward to building up our beekeeping program out at the Calleva Farm.

What is the correct way to hang toilet paper- over or under and why:
The only way to hang toilet paper is over. Its gotta be in close reach and ready to roll when you need it. Hanging it under make it too difficult to grab it when you need it most.