Bobby Miller


Since he started teaching for us, Bobby Miller has become a main piece of the instructor team. Bobby leads Fall Training, Cheat Training, Playboating among other programs. The legend of Bobby Miller is enigmatic so Ill let him describe himself in his own words:

I began paddling at 8 years old with my dad. My first river trip was a canoe camper down the Paw Paw Bends. My first taste of whitewater was on the Cacapon River. I started kayaking when I was 12 and my first whitewater trip was down the Shenandoah Staircase, which is now my home river and has been for the last decade.
I love creeking, running big waterfalls, and extreme racing. However, my favorite part of kayaking is taking my 4 year old daughter, Sahalie, down the river in our Topo Duo (The Daddy/Daughter Boat!). Last year, we ran several Mid-Atlantic classics such as the Lower Yough, Hopeville Canyon, Smokehole Canyon, and Seneca Creek. This year, we are planning to step it up to some easy Class 4 runs like the New River Gorge and Lower Gauley.
I have been on so many adventures that it is difficult to pick out a favorite. My all time favorite drop is Sahalie Falls in Oregon. It is an 80 foot waterfall with a terrifying entrance and exit. I overcame my fear and had a nice run while my lovely wife, Melissa, of about a month at the time nervously looked on, taking video and pictures. It was one of those perfect moments where everything worked out. I had a strong crew with me that day, I took on a challenging drop, and I was able to share the experience with the love of my life. Melissa and I knew we wanted to have a child and we decided soon after that, if we had a girl, we would name her Sahalie. About 10 months later, Sahalie Rees Miller was born!
On the river, I am proud to continue to explore new challenges with kayaking still after 30 years of paddling. Off the river, I am proud that I am a 2nd grade teacher who gets to continually have a positive impact on the lives of my students. I am also proud of the kind, adventurous, and thoughtful child that Sahalie is becoming.