Bill Witkoski


My name is Bill Witkoski, and I am the Director of Staff Training and Ropes Course Manager for Calleva. This will be my 5th year here, and the job continues to challenge me to learn and grow. My favorite part of working here is being able to interact with our incredible staff. Outside of Calleva, I really enjoy fishing out on the Potomac, hanging out with friends, playing basketball and volleyball, and working on small projects around the house.

First Calleva memory: My earliest memory at Calleva is running through stinging neddle on my first Instructor Challenge.

Would you prefer to drive a bus route or do farm work?I would definitely prefer doing farm work over driving a bus route because you get in a lot less trouble if you crash a tractor than if you crash a bus!

What is the proper way to hang toilet paper, over or under the roll? Everyone knows that you have to hang the toilet paper with the tail over, not under, because, when nature’s calling, and time is of the essence, this proper orientation allows for the shortest distance between the the wipe and the wiper.