Andrew “Baldy” Pratt


I am the director of Explorers and get the opportunity to introduce our youngest campers to the great outdoors! Being able to see our youngest campers try new adventures and sing camp songs as loud as they can, never gets old.  I get to interview most of Calleva’s potential applicants and this is a pleasure. One of my favorite parts of Calleva is to come up with unforgettable activities and bonding experiences.
Away from Calleva, my wife and family is my all time favorite adventure.  I love sports, cooking, chicken farming, gardening and enjoying a refreshing diet dew.  Half of my wardrobe is a Calleva shirt of some sort.  Calleva is a place that makes me laugh, sweat, cry and watch my back.  There are very few places that I’ve experienced or worked for that has been more fulfilling, than Calleva.


What is favorite Calleva activity:
Picking my favorite Calleva activity is like picking my favorite child.  With that being said I love fishing, water, growing green and biking.

What is something you’ve done in the last year that has challenged you:
Something that challenged me in 2019 was trying to continually help evolve Calleva and its environment to always be a place that is fun, safe, progressive and leave our staff and clients wanting more.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2020:
I am so excited for 2020 to meet new campers, staff and continue to share the Calleva passion!