Staff Resource Page

Welcome to the Calleva Staff Resources page. Here you will find important information regarding paperwork, the gear use policy, CDL training information, and important dates for different trainings and staff outings.

2021 Dates for your Calendar!…more to come ASAP

Mandatory training days maybe virtual or in person or a mixture of both. Nearer the time, we will assess what is best for our community in order to keep us all safe and healthy.

    • April 19th-23rd American Canoe Association Kayak Instructor Certification course
    • May 24-28th LIT Instructor Training
    • May First Aid & CPR training evenings Dates TBA
    • May 28th Head Counselor Professional Day (HCs only)
    • End of May Swift Water Day 1 (Basic skills)
    • End of May Swift Water Day 2 (Advanced skills)
    • June 1 & 2nd Instructor training (mandatory for instructors)
    • June 4th Instructor Professional Day (Instructors only)
    • June 5th/6th ALL staff training weekend (mandatory for ALL summer staff & POSSIBLE overnight)
    • June First Aid & CPR training evenings Dates TBA
    • June 7th Week 1 of camp (NOT counted as one of min work weeks)
    • July 12th Week 6 of camp
    • Aug 23rd Week 12 of camp

Sign Up For First Aid/CPR Training coming HERE soon!

Staff Paperwork & Certifications

Congratulations! We are excited to have you working at Calleva! All staff paperwork MUST be completed and turned according to CampInTouch deadlines. You will not be scheduled to work until ALL of your paperwork has been completed.  Any questions about paperwork please contact the Calleva office.

Please email Lucy Martin ([email protected]) with any questions about pay rate.

Required Paperwork:

ALL RETURNING and NEW Staff are required to fill out a W-4, Staff Health & Waiver Statement, Voluntary Disclosure Form, Bob Ditter Affidavit, I-9, and read & take the Handbook Quiz. All of this can be found on CampInTouch once you sign in.

Camp In Touch Log In: https://calleva.campintouch.com/v2/login/login.aspxh 

2021 Calleva Staff Handbook

ALL NEW Staff will also be required to complete two Background Checks:

  • Information for Criminal Background Check (fingerprints) and Background Clearance for Child Protective Services can be found on CampInTouch


Please upload all relevant certifications to CampInTouch.


Procedure for Borrowing Gear

We encourage you to use gear, but it must be used responsibly and respectfully.  Every staff member has the privilege to use gear, however that privilege can be revoked at any time for using gear improperly, dangerously, or borrowing without returning, securing, or asking. Staff MUST follow the procedures for borrowing gear. Staff are NOT allowed to use any climbing gear or inflatable SUPs.

  • Fill out the gear sign out form when you are taking gear. You are only allowed to take gear during business hours (8:30-5:30).
  • Fill out the gear return form when you are returning gear. Gear needs to be returned before the start of the next business day (8:30).
  • If you do not have a smart phone let Gear Manager know and he will work out a procedure for you.
  • Everyone has 3 strikes. You can receive strikes for not filling sign out form, not returning gear properly, or for returning or putting away gear from your program in a messy, disorganized way.
  • Calleva relies on this gear to ensure programs run smooth and you all know or will know that when the gear is in good shape where it is supposed to be, programs are better and staff are less stressed and rushed.


Bus Drivers and Counselors

All CDL DRIVERS and INSTRUCTORS need to read the Bus Safety & Driving Policy Handbook and attend Driver Training (Email [email protected] for date/time). Large bus drivers with a CDL licence can expect to receive $200 to $250 pay for driving per week.

All CDL documents and DOT paperwork information can also be found on CampInTouch.

Camp Forms & Notes


Staff Of the Week nomination (SOW) form

  • Incident Form (behavioral).
  • Accident Form (requires first aid).
  • Reimbursement Forms available on CampInTouch (Any purchases over $20 must be verified with Duncan and Lucy BEFORE purchase is made).