Staff Resource Page

Welcome to the Calleva Staff Resources page. Here you will find important information regarding paperwork, the gear use policy, CDL training information, and important dates for different trainings and staff outings.


Staff Of the Week nomination (SOW) form

DOT paperwork – you will need to come with this already filled out.

Staff Paperwork & Certifications

Congratulations! We are excited to have you working at Calleva! All staff paperwork MUST be completed and turned in by May 1st. You will not be scheduled to work until ALL of your paperwork has been completed. Below is a detail of what needs to be turned in but if you have any questions about paperwork please contact Nicole.

Required Paperwork:

ALL RETURNING and NEW Staff are required to fill out a W-4, Staff Health & Waiver Statement, Voluntary Disclosure Form, Bob Ditter Affidavit, I-9, and read & take the Handbook Quiz. Each of those forms will be completed and submitted online. You will complete those forms through the links provided in an e-mail.

Before completing the Bob Ditter Affidavit ALL staff must watch this VIDEO in its entirety regarding summer staff guidelines for dealing and interacting with campers. Here are two helpful resources:

2019 Calleva Staff Handbook

Before orientation ALL Staff should memorize our basic Emergency Action Plan.

ALL NEW Staff will also be required to complete two Background Checks:

  • Criminal Background Check- Fingerprints
    • Fill out this Fingerprint Form, print it and bring it to any fingerprinting center at these Locations. We suggest using American Fingerprinting Services in Bethesda. ***Fingerprints must be done in Maryland so if you are currently out of state you will need to get your fingerprints done once you are in Maryland.
    • You MUST bring a valid form of government identification (ie. driver’s license, Certificate of Naturalization, passport, Alien Registration Card, or Military Identification) AND bring payment (major credit cards, checks, and money orders are accepted. Cash is not accepted at the State Operated Fingerprinting Centers).
    • Calleva reimburses FBI processing fee of $37 and half the scanning fee if completed before Orientation. A receipt must be submitted in order for a reimbursement to be processed.
  • Background Clearance for Child Protective Services
    • You will need to go to https://mydhrbenefits.dhr.state.md.us/dashboardClient/#/home and create your own myDHR account and complete the CPS Clearance Form.
    • Once you have completed the online form you will print it out and get it notarized. (American Fingerprinting Services provides notary services for $4.00. There will be no reimbursement for the notary cost.) Poolesville Town Hall provides notary services for free!
    • Once the form has been notarized you can either drop it off or mail it into the Calleva Office.

2019 Pay Scale:

Please email Lucy Martin (lucy@calleva.org) with any queries about pay rate.


Please make copies of all your certifications that are relevant to Calleva and your position and get them to Nicole in the office so she can put it in your file. This also includes CPR and First Aid certifications. If you are needing certifications, you must email your director.

2019 Dates to Remember

  • May 11th Camp Open House Riley’s Lock 10 – 1pm
  • May 18th Camp Open House VA, Madeira 10 – 1pm
    • May TBA American Canoe Association Kayak Instructor
    • May 20-22nd LIT Instructor Training
    • May 21st First Aid training eve at Riley’s Lock 5-10pm
    • May 22nd CPR training eve at Riley’s Lock 5-10pm
    • May 24th Instructor Professional Day (Instructors only)
    • May 29th, 30th, 31st Instructor training challenge (mandatory for instructors)
    • June 3rd Summer leadership Staff training day
    • June 5th Swift Water Basic skills
    • June 6th Swift Water Advanced skills
    • June 5th First Aid training eve at Riley’s Lock 5-10pm ALREADY FULL
    • June 6th CPR training eve at Riley’s Lock 5-10pm ALREADY FULL
    • June Fri 7th Head Counselor Professional Day (HCs only)
    • June 8th/9th ALL staff overnight and training (mandatory for ALL)
    • June 10th Week 1 of camp (not counted as one of min work weeks)
    • June 10th-14th HC and JC Pre-Summer Jumpstart Training Week 1*
    • June 12th First Aid  training eve 5-10pm. Email Niocle@calleva.org for availability
    • June 13th CPR training eve 5-10pm. Email Niocle@calleva.org for availability
    • June Sat 22nd  Hard skills bike training*
    • June 28th Payday for Weeks 1 & 2 (Paycheck dates 6/10-6/22)
    • June Sun 30th Hard skills KAYAK training*
    • July Sat 6th Hard skills climb training*
    • July Sat 13th Hard skills raft training*
    • July Fri 19th – Calleva PROM!
    • July Sun 21st Hard skills anchor climb training*
    • July Sun 28th Hard skills Sail Training*
    • July 31st Payday for Weeks 3,4,5,6,7 (Paycheck dates 6/23-7/27)
    • Aug Sun 4th TNT – Calleva Adventure Race (registration required)
    • Aug Sat 10th Hard skills fishing & fire training*
    • Aug Sun 11th Hard skills fishing & fire training/ AND Kayak training*
    • Aug Sun 11th Instructor Celebration Dinner (8 week Instructors only)
    • Aug Sat 24th Hard Skills SUP Training*
    • August 30th Payday for Weeks 7,8,9,10,11 (Paycheck dates 7/28-8/24)
    • September 13th Payday for Week 12 of Summer & Week 1 of Fall

Friday after camp ‘FACTs’ every week starting June 21st

*Email Bill to register for these training dates

Procedure for Borrowing Gear

We encourage you to use gear, but it must be used responsibly and respectfully.  Every staff member has the privilege to use gear, however that privilege can be revoked at any time for using gear improperly, dangerously, or borrowing without returning, securing, or asking. Staff MUST follow the procedures for borrowing gear. Staff are NOT allowed to use any climbing gear or inflatable SUPs.

  • Fill out the gear sign out form when you are taking gear. You are only allowed to take gear during business hours (8:30-5:30).
  • Fill out the gear return form when you are returning gear. Gear needs to be returned before the start of the next business day (8:30).
  • If you do not have a smart phone let Gear Manager know and he will work out a procedure for you.
  • Everyone has 3 strikes. You can receive strikes for not filling sign out form, not returning gear properly, or for returning or putting away gear from your program in a messy, disorganized way.
  • Calleva relies on this gear to ensure programs run smooth and you all know or will know that when the gear is in good shape where it is supposed to be, programs are better and staff are less stressed and rushed.

Bus Drivers and Counselors

All CDL DRIVERS and INSTRUCTORS need to read the Bus Safety & Driving Policy Handbook and attend Driver Training (Email Baldy for date/time). Large bus drivers with a CDL licence can expect to receive $200 to $250 pay for driving per week.

We are looking for BUS COUNSELORS. If you are interested, please fill out this form. Some of the bus counselor responsibilities include taking daily attendance to and from camp, greeting campers and parents at the stop, and ensuring campers have a safe and fun trip to and from camp. FYI: Being a bus counselor is additional pay each week; $50 for small bus and $75 for big bus.

Example of emails the office receives: BusFrustrations (yes,this is legit!)

CDL Procedures:

If you were told you need your CDL. You have to fill out the MVA Medical Form & the MVA Medical Card filled out by physician and also study Chapters 1-4 and 11-13 of the Commercial Drivers License Manual (optional: download the app) Once you know the material, go to the MVA and take the test for your Learners Permit (Class B with Passenger & Airbrake Endorsements) AND Schedule a date for your Practical Test. Once you have your learners contact your director to schedule your driver’s training.

Camp Forms & Notes

  • Need to call parent for any reason? You must send a follow-up email to office at calleva.org describing the call and what was discussed.
  • Incident Form (behavioral).
  • Accident Form(requires first aid).
  • Evaluation by an Instructor, Head Counselor, or Junior Counselor.
  • Reimbursement Form. Fill out form and place in envelope marked “Reimbursement” with a copy of the receipts and turn into office.
  • 1stAid Class Notes
  • CPR Class Notes