Tony Witter ⎯ Leaders in Training Camp Director

Summer Camp

Tony is Calleva’s “Leaders in Training” Program Director and has been with Calleva since 2003. Prior to Calleva, he had a twenty-six-year career as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army. One of his assignments was teaching leadership to cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After retiring from the army, Tony had difficulty finding a new purpose and for a period felt stuck. He saw an ad for Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” event and attended. It still amazes him how the synchronicity of events unfolded. He attended several more Robbins’ courses and was selected to be a trainer for the first Tony Robbins’ “Discovery Camp” for teenagers. It was during this camp, that he had a vision of combining outdoor adventures in nature with an empowerment psychology curriculum to help teenagers learn how to increase their self-confidence.

The conduit for this vision was Calleva. Around this time frame, a friend invited Tony to attend “Markoff’s Haunted Forest,” and that is where he found Camp Calleva. Having survived, it was on the way out to the parking lot past a tent with brochures about all that Calleva offers that Tony picked up an MHF/Camp Calleva brochure. Shortly thereafter, he met with Alex, Matt, and Nick to share his vision and, with their support and encouragement, he started the Leaders in Training Program facilitating one LIT week in 2003.

Now, the LIT Program consists of 20 weeks a summer with three progressive courses, LIT 1, LIT 2 and LIT 3. Additionally, LIT graduates can continue their momentum to increase their confidence by participating in the school-year-long LIT Mentor Program.

Tony’s favorite thing about being at Calleva is being part of an extraordinary team with an amazing mission of helping children and adults learn to love nature by learning outdoor adventure skills and seeing their confidence grow as well! His favorite LIT activities are board-breaking and the fire-walk because LITers face their fears and limiting beliefs, break through them, and come to the realization that they have much more power and potential in them than they think!