2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
January 9, 2024 for Virginia Camps
January 11, 2024 for Maryland and High Adventure Camps
2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
Jan 9, VA Camps
Jan 11, MD & High Adventure Camps

Steve “Steve-O” McKone

River School Instructor

Steve-O is Calleva’s River School Director and has been with the team since 2007. He joined Calleva when we were desperate for a surfing instructor, he interviewed on a Friday and left on Monday with a group of surfers. At the age of 19, Steve-O got in a kayak, paddled the George Washington Canal, and found himself addicted to kayaking and hasn’t stopped since! His enthusiasm, appreciation of the natural world, and drive to excel will get you addicted, too. Teaching people kayaking is one of Steve-O’s passions and now watching his kids grow up in the Calleva family is one of his favorite things.

Obviously, his favorite Calleva activity is kayaking, you wouldn’t expect anything else, and he loves being outside and on the river as much as he can. With a rare passion for the river, Steve-O is able to share his experiences and techniques with youth and adult paddlers, alike. His favorite board game is Pretty Pretty Princess!