Savannah Kreider


I went from being a camper at Calleva to joining the team officially summer 2019. This would be my sixth summer with the team! I am a dedicated high adventure and day camp instructor who never fails to make the best of any experience. My first Calleva Camp, as a camper, was the West Virginia Sampler; fast forward to present day I have now taken on the role of instructing the WV sampler for the last three years!

Apart from working at Calleva, I enjoy spending my own time outdoors. I spent four months doing “van life” and traveling around the United States visiting various National Parks. I am a soon to be senior, studying my passion, Environmental Science. I recently spent my last three months living in the forests of Costa Rica while conducting field work and independent research.

The West Virginia Sampler holds a special place in my heart, but I adore that I am able to continue to grow my skills by assisting and/or instructing other day programs! With my vast knowledge and experience, I am able to challenge natures adversity with creative, and fun solutions for my campers. My favorite activities at Calleva are backpacking, kayaking, and climbing!